Richie Skye Exclusive Release “Thirst Trap”

Thirst Trap

 TOP DEFINITION (Source: Urban Dictionary)
“Thirst Trap”
Any statement or picture used to intentionally create attention or “thirst”
Woman on Twitter: Who wants to come over and put me to sleep?
Men on Twitter: Oh? Check Ur DMs

After introducing you to the man behind the music in the Issue 7 Release of Raynbow Affair Magazine, Richie Skye is back at it with a new Project. This upcoming release entitled “Thirst Trap” is perfect for this here season of dehydration.

Thirst Trap_cover_1600x1600DJ. Producer. Songwriter. And now the Artist… Already an established DJ, having traveled internationally, toured the US, hosted the popular Morning Wood Show show, Richie Skye is set to release his brand new album, Thirst Trap, on August 28th, 2015. Preceded by the hit singles “Jammin”, “Kidz” and “Scrub The Ground”, the album fuses party anthems, ratchet hood jams and dancehall and house music to match the various musical styles he loves as a DJ. Like Calvin Harris and David Guetta, Richie Skye is indeed covering all his bases in his quest for global music domination.

His journey began more than ten years ago when Skye wrote his first song after the ugly demise of a relationship. The song, called Stop, was later recorded, five years after he began producing, by the group he co-founded, Ellis Uniques. During that time, Skye began DJing local house parties and functions while recording the group’s debut album. It was also during that time that Skye produced an album of electronic music for House of Dance, a U.S.-based dance studio center. After Ellis Uniques disbanded in 2009, Skye continued pursuing his musical endeavors, taking a year to fully develop his sound as he prepared for his return to the spotlight.

“You know, I’ve really come a long way, musically. I’ve honed my craft as a DJ and a producer, so now it’s about putting this body of work out there for people to really understand what I can do. I’m not just a DJ, I’m building a brand with music, technology, visuals and more. There’s so much more in store.” With bookings scheduled in the US and internationally, a role on the critically acclaimed, Emmy- award-winning indie soap drama Anacostia The Series season 4 (alongside Emmy-winning soap veteran Martha McMahon – As The World Turns), a album, Thirst Trap, set for release in August, his new talk show interviewing artists, authors, entertainers, and other celebrities – Richie on the Rocks, and a recent move to the West Coast, the future is looking bright for Richie Skye. Pre-orders for the new album begin on July 17, 2015 for $5.99 and once ordered, fans will immediately get the instant gratification tracks Buss It 4 Me, a ratchet hood jam, and Hardcore featuring Sol Edler, and thumping, high octane electronic banger.

Richie Skye (Damn he FINE)

Richie Skye (Damn he FINE)

In speaking with Richie Skye yesterday, he had this to say about the upcoming project, ““This project is the result of an extremely long year of blood, sweat, tears and tribulations. I went through a lot to make this album. I lost jobs, moved to the West Coast – all during the process of making this album. However, the feeling of the album is all about tempo. I’m a DJ, so I wanted to be able to play this at parties and events where I spin. I look at artists like Calvin Harris and David Guetta as inspiration. As a creative person, it’s just in me to think about the big picture and that’s building a brand. There’s more music, videos, shows and things to come because I’m already prepping for what’s next. Additionally, I want to be an inspiration. You don’t have to settle for what life hands you; it’s up to you to decide what type of life you’re going to live. I was at my lowest points while making this album, but I never stopped believing in where this journey would take me, so I sacrificed making mixes, or going on trips, so that I could put this together and now that its done – I’m ready for the world to hear it. I’m not stopping and this is only the beginning!”

Album Track List

Special Shout Outs To:
Damien Crawford, Riley Knoxx, Demetri Davis, Chris Deloatch, Sol Edler and Prince Jerel who all feature on the album.

Producer Acknowledgements:
The bulk of the album was produced by Kustom (4 Tracks), with contributions from other producers for the rest of the album.

Get ready for the 08/28/15 Release as the THIRST is REAL……..

Album Release_FLYER_v2

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