Really Maia? So this is how we do it now? I’m Calling Debbie Allen…

Maia Campbell Arrested (Again)


All Tea, No Shade. You know I live for me some Maia Campbell. The 90s breakout star use to give me life on the sitcom “In The House” as Tiffany. Now, I don’t know what happened after that but once that hair when from all black to them brown streaks…. Let’s just say “sips tea” on that one.

Today VladTV reported her recent arrest at a Riverdale, Ga Waffle House….. (Side Eye, no words needed)”Best known as LL Cool J’s co-star on his ’90s sitcom In Da House, actress Maia Campbell was arrested in Riverdale, GA.,  for disturbing the peace at a Waffle House. Police were called because Campbell was reportedly “drunk and causing a scene.” Cops gave her the chance to leave on her own, but she refused. She ended up getting booked for disorderly conduct, but this wasn’t her only run-in with the police as of late.

Campbell was also arrested last month after reportedly “going off” at a Burger King. According to TMZ, the police report indicates Campbell cursed out a family, accused their child of stealing her wallet and called her arresting officer a “f**king fa**ot!” source: VladTV

First of all, is the thirst that real is my first question? Secondly, really though? Burger King? A child? Then to top it off, the “F” word. Chile, let us pray………..

I use to Live for Ms. Maia hunny, but that “F” word just got under my skin. Can we talk about this??? Tweet Me via DiamondKesawn and RaynbowAffair and let us know what you think.