Rapper Travis Scott Apologizes For Homophobic Slurs

“Days Before Rodeo” rapper Travis Scott hurled some pretty harsh words at his fans during the Arizona leg of his Rodeo Tour with Young Thug. “I ain’t cool with none of you f*****s who just sitting here looking like a bunch of queers,” shouted the rapper back in May. “You wearing a f***ing La Flame shirt, motherf***er, you better act like it, b**** — I’ma rip it off your f***ing back.”

After noticing the footage went viral and not wanting to bash the LGBT community, Scott took to Twitter to address the situation, apologizing “TO ANYONE THATS OFFENDED.” “AT MY SHOWS I GET A LIL TURNT UP. SORRY FOR THAT BUT NEVER WILL I EVER DISRESPECT THAT COMMUNITY,” he wrote. The Houston producer then began retweeting himself, notifying everyone that he is “ISNT HOMOPHOBIC WHATSOEVER” and is currently working on himself as a person.

Check out all of his below.

Source: Twitter|Complex

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