Rap Snacks Expand their Footprint

Snacks most undeniably delicious flavors, Sour Cream & Ranch (Migos), Cookout BBQ (Biggie Smalls), and Cheddar BBQ (Cardi B), will be available in Kroger-owned stores across the east coast and midwest – taking over locations in Cincinnati, Michigan, Nashville, Houston, and Atlanta.

This new expansion marks Rap Snacks’ first retail placement in the potato chip snack aisle in a major retail chain and will aid in the overall mission to globalize the brand’s appeal. Rap Snacks will simultaneously be debuting their 5 oz bag of chips – pushing toward a more family-focused and mass consumption business model.

Prior to this expansion, Rap Snacks has become available in over 4,200 Walmart locations across the nation and at numerous independently owned supermarkets and convenience stores. The brand is fresh off the political campaign trail after launching the new “Rap Snacks Vote” campaign which encouraged voter registration and provided informative resources for voting knowledge. Voters were able to scan the QR code on the back of every bag of Rap Snacks to get registered. This campaign launched on the heels of Rap Snacks latest product launch, Rap Snacks Pork Skins, which boasts global recording artist Cardi B on the front of the bag.

The Rap Snacks Pork Skins became available on October 19th in Southeastern Walmart locations and come in three different flavors (Bar-B-Kurr with My Honey, Spicy Vinakurr, and BBQ Cheddar.)

About Rap Snacks:

Rap Snacks, Inc. was founded in 1994 by CEO, James Lindsay, as a variety of potato chips known for featuring major recording artists on their bags. The chip brand, which has now expanded to include noodles as well, is sold in stores across the nation and often referred to as the “Official Snack of Hip Hop.” Each rapper featured on a bag has its own distinct chip flavor. The packaging of each variety features a cartoon version of the rapper on the front and a brief quote from the artist on the back. The initial success of Rap Snacks helped solidify a co-marketing agreement with Universal Records that consisted of advertising Universal’s artists on all Rap Snacks bags. Eventually, the company grew into a successful business selling mostly twenty-five ent bags of chips. After revamping the Rap Snacks brand and relaunching in 2016, Rap Snacks has grown above expectations. Rap Snacks currently features top hip hop artists such as Migos, Cardi B, Biggie Smalls, and Lil Baby on its bags and is quickly becoming a national favorite.

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