RAmag Artist Introduction: Muk (Mook)

Muk (Mook)


Lets take it back to a city you all know I love. During my time in Baltimore I had the pleasure of becoming friends with a guy who takes no shorts by the name of Mook. Mook is one of those people who you love to have as a friend as he is naturally caring, funny, understanding and most of all #TeamBoutDatLyfe.

I would have never guessed that the friend I adore years later would be “Muk” the Artist. R&B newcomer, “Muk” is hitting the music world by force and taking no cuts. His music blends elements of smooth vocals with party beats to allow for a true radio and club feel. Recently, I crossed paths with Muk while he was at one of his tour stops in NYC and I asked him what lead him to start doing music. Muk advised, “Tyrese really influenced me. He’s an artist whose music really touched me and inspired me to want to share my gift with the world. I’m all about the real R&B classics. The music that will really make you understand what a person is going through. With that, Real life influenced my music as well and is the reason why I am the strong individual that I am today.” That was the moment that I realized my friend was truly an Artist and ready for this life of Artistry, Industry and Imagery.

In discussing with Muk his plans for his upcoming EP slated for release later this year and the makings of the Album slated for release in mid 2016 I asked Muk what the fans could expect from his music. Muk advised, “I would just like to touch their hearts with my music. It’s not really a lot of black male R&B singers out there who share my story so I just know that it’s time for my story to be told in front of the world. My music is like a drug it can help you get through anything with the right dose, you just got to use it wisely. So my message is that you can be whatever you want to be just never give up on you and make sure you believe in yourself because no one believes in you if you don’t.” So True!

As am added bonus for the #RAmag base, I have obtained one of the upcoming tracks that Muk has completed. Press Play and let the music take you on a journey.

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