Rahim Brazil: Vocal, Sexiness and Body

Rahim Brazil


Okay, here is what happened. This past weekend I (DiamondKesawn) teamed up with Magic Mario of Wassup N Atl to do an Artist Spotlight Stage. This event was held at my Favorite Atl Hot Spot “The Jungle” and it was off the chain. It was hosted by Atl based Actor Davien Harlis and babeeeeee, when I tell you he was Fine as Wine, I was like “Oooh Yeah.” LoL!

Okay, so as Davien was doing his thing he introduced the next artist and his name was Rahim Brazil. Now you all know in my head I was like, what in the what is a Rahim Brazil. Mind You! However, his dancers hit the stage and my mouth dropped. Babeeeeeee, he got this one dancer so fine he make me wanna be faithful to him and he ain’t even mine. HaHa…. Upon completion of the audio introduction Rahim Brazil hit the stage and I was served 3 sides of Sunday. Babeeeeeee, when I tell you this boy is so F I N E…….. See for yourself,

YkAGXnp4Umm Hmm. Yep. It’s Him. He is It. and It is Him. Now, I will admit the boy got skills on the mic, however my mind was thinking about another mic. #Oop……

Nevertheless, I had to pull out my Handy Dandy iPhone and give you a snippet of what this emerging artist brings to the table. I hope you enjoy….. Oh yeah, if you know Rahim tell him to Tweet Me…. LoL!

Rahim Brazil

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