Rags and Riches are ready for a “Holiday”

Brothers Tanner and Peyton Whitt, performing as the adrenalized American alt-pop band RAGS AND RICHES, aim to bring hope and inspire a generation of dreamers. The Lexington, Kentucky natives released their debut single, “Speed of Sound”, in 2019 and lit the spark for a wildfire breakout reaching over a million streams on platforms.

Starting 2023 off with a huge bang, their latest single “holiday.” is the ultimate feel-good track to add to your party playlists. Seeing the duo head towards a more mainstream pop sound, “holiday.” is reminiscent of Foster the People and Glass Animals. Radiating good vibes, this is a carefree anthem about living your life to the fullest, with Tanner explaining, “It came from a place of feeling burnt out on the schedule we were living. We had been doing the same schedule for a few years and this was our “get me out of this way of living” mindset.”

Oozing attitude and bursting with energy, Tanner continues, “Peyton produced the beat and then we called our good friend DeMarko Murphy in to help write this one. Between the three of us I think we nailed the carefree/get me out of this “normal” way of living.”

The two-man crew has performed over 200 shows in over 40 states, charted in top #200 on NACC college radio charts, won two Lexington Music Awards for ‘Pop Artist of the Year’ as well as ‘Song of the Year’ and impressively clocked in over 4 million streams and over 1.5 million video views in just three years. Their debut album Always Gold released in 2022 via Sonablast! Records also hit over 1.4 million streams in its first week alone. With their current explosive success it’s clear these determined brothers are rising to the top.

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