Rae Parker

Born and raised in Newark, NJ art has always been in my life. My father was a artist so the passion became stronger through me. From drawing to graffiti art around Newark I was always inspired. As a kid I won numerous awards and it felt good. Then I knew what I wanted to do.

Moving to Indianapolis as a teen gave me more resources. I was granted scholarships for weekend and summer art classes through Herron School of Art and the Indianapolis Art League. Classes ranged from photography to comic book illustration. There were no excuses for me to be bored. During high school I was one of those kids that other kids would ask to draw stuff for. Did I mind? Not at all! I was doing something that I loved to do. Create.

Now, I have my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Visual Communications from The Illinois Institute of Art. After years of doing graphic and web design I wanted to take my art to the next level. So I began having a interest in tattooing.During my time living in Atlanta I came across tattoo artists of color. Lord Yatta and Miya Bailey. I talked to both and it inspired me even more. In 2010 I began my apprenticeship through two different shops in Indianapolis. Becoming certified was a huge deal for me. Not too many women in Indianapolis are tattoo artist.

Moving to LA was another jewel in my life. I learned so much more about myself as an artist. Nothing can stop me and that anything is possible. I can say that I’m a LA artist. Working in tattoo shops there and being selected to be a artist with the RAW Artist organization. That was the best experience thus far for me.

Unfortunately I had to return to Indianapolis to help my mother who needs to have hip surgery.  As I return to take care of her, I became ill. In January, two weeks before my 35th birthday, I was diagnosed with having a tumor on my pituitary gland.  In my words a brain booger. I am determined to not let it stop me from creating.  Life is too beautiful to give up on anything.

Right now my focus is having my own art studio and giving back to the community to guide the youth through art. Creating is my muse. It’s what gives me peace. If you can create a universe through art, you can create so many possibilities in the world.

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Photographed by Ashley Hoskins of Photos by Hoskins

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