RA Spring Cover-BeBe Zahara Benet

Fresh of off the heels of her smash cabaret showcase “Vanity” at Joe’s Pub and the re-airing of the debut entry of Logo TV’s hit series Rupaul’s Drag Race, dubbed “The Lost Season,” for which she was the last queen standing, BeBe Zahara Benet will release her hotly anticipated new single, “Face,” March 3rd.

Ricocheting tribal rhythms collide on the braggadocios dance anthem and ode to beauty, penned and produced by emerging Canadian music talent Dakarai, in which BeBe boasts of her signature exotic features and voluptuous frame:

“If you look for curves, you’re in the right place. Yes I’ve got that too, but nothing beats the face,” BeBe coos on the sassy track and lead single from her upcoming debut album due out later this year, on which BeBe is currently putting the finishing touches. In creating the album, BeBe has crafted a unique sound by cleverly fusing several genres and styles of music together while still delivering infectious pop hooks.

“Face” is not BeBe’s first foray into the music world; rather, it follows a string of commercial and critical hits for BeBe. Her debut single “I’m the Shit” went viral and is considered a fan-favorite throughout the country, while her follow-up “Cameroon” recently went viral in East Asia as a line-dancing sensation. “Dirty Drums” was a big seller on iTunes and “Give That Body to the Music,” a free download exclusive, became popular among many DJs around the country. BeBe has collaborated on original music with reputable producers in the dance music scene. Namely, BeBe has maintained a long-term relationship with the acclaimed producer/DJ Mark Picchiotti, who’s worked with the Kylie Minogue, and remixed for Madonna and Rihanna. BeBe has also worked with Ralphi Rosario, Felix Baumgartner and DJ Naughty Boyy. Moreover, BeBe partnered with renowned producer Beto Sutter for her sell-out show “Vanity,” who also produced “Vanity”’s hit predecessor and off Broadway spectacle “Creature.”

BeBe has impacted countless fans and supporters with her many talents and appearances. In her music, style and performances BeBe has managed to fuse glamour and high fashion with tribal sensibilities and a punk rock edge, bringing an international flare to pop culture.

Inspired by the sophistication and class of Diana Ross, the edge and boldness of Grace Jones, the sass and fierceness of Beyoncé and her own trademark “savage beauty,” BeBe is poised to once again take over the music scene. Through her appearances on RuPaul’s Drag U, her cameo appearance in Erasure’s “A Little Respect” music video, her spread in magazines such as Paper Magazine, a national campaign for L.A. Eyeworks and as a spokesmodel for Absulut Vodka’s Dirty Martini, BeBe’s on her way to becoming a household name with an already impressive following.

BeBe Zahara Benet’s new single “Face” will be available for digital download on iTunes March 4th.

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