RA Introduction: Crissy Henry- The Head Doll In Charge

Crissy Henry

In the days of Social Media, every girl wants to be a Hair Genie, Beauty Consultant, Queen B or HBIC. It’s very rear that those who put it in their bio come with credentials. Babeeeeeee, let me spill this tea real quick.

Crissy Henry is one of those girls who has dominated her lane and has the credentials to prove it. She slays from Atl to Vegas to LA to NYC. She is truly the Head Doll In Charge….

Living the Life of CEO of Luxe Virgin Hair, Las Vegas, Crissy has learned that running a great company is all about service: service to her customers and service to her peers.  Recently speaking with Crissy while in LA for BET Awards weekend, she advised, “I wholeheartedly believe that when a company focuses on a higher objective such as selfless customer service, rather than profits, that success can be and will be achieved. Our objective at Luxe Virgin Hair is to ensure that all our customers are provided quality service with the tenacity and focus that they deserve in order to ensure their satisfaction. At LVH, we treat each customer’s requirements with respect and our mission is to persevere and exceed their needs however and whenever possible. In a nutshell, we try NOT to fail.

Second, while we serve, we also innovate. Over time l learned that if you differentiate yourself through innovation and passion that you will separate yourself from the pack and develop the deserved reputation for solving the hardest problems. For these last three years, our success has been derived from creating solutions for our customers, that no one else had envisioned, at time, when other companies had failed. At LVH we accept that our customer’s challenges will require an introspective approach to build a unique solution for their needs…at LVH we deliver that for our customers on a daily basis.

And finally, we care. At LVH we go the distance to provide support to charities and communities whenever possible. I believe that a company must give back to the employees that allow it to function as a business entity as well as to people and communities in need.”

Yes Gawd Hunni, didn’t she say it….. Mind you, Crissy is about to send me some bundles as well. I want that new Man Bun that is the latest trend. LoL.

Luxe Virgin Hair

At Luxe Virgin Hair, we believe that having beautiful hair is a key component of what makes a woman feel beautiful and confident. That’s why at Luxe Virgin Hair we offer only the best products to create your style. We hand select our hair from different countries and sell it for far below normal retail prices. Luxe Virgin Hair offers exclusivity to its clients. Remember: “It’s something GLAMOROUS, not JUST hair!

Be on the lookout for Luxe Virgin Hais, Las Vegas as well as my good Judy  Ms. Crissy. This is Bundled in the NAME of Good Hair… LoL!


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