Queer Houston Based TV Pilot “30” Debuts on Youtube


You know I have been waiting to bring this to you all for a while. My good girlfriend out of Houston, Aryka Randall has stepped into her creator seat and brought “30” to life and babeeeeeeeeee, it is gooooooooooooood bootz.

The 27-minute length pilot gives viewers a sneak peek into the world of queer 30 something women in Houston Texas.

Season one of “30” delves right into the dynamics of friendship, and the recurring theme of embracing major change. The three main characters in the show grapple with divorce, job separation, and
relationship issues in the first

season of 30. Sonie introduces a book titled “She’s Just Not That Into You” to the primary cast which sets the tone for the
show. Sonie uses the book as a catalyst to help her friends navigate their relationship issues with self. After ten years of marriage that was initiated in her 20’s, Carmen decides she wants to separate from her husband to gain a sense of self.
Lastly, Brooklyn decides a career change is needed to improve her quality of life.

The first season of 30 has already started pre-production and is anticipated to debut in Summer 2019.

“30” is a Houston Texas based television pilot that highlights dynamics between a trio of best friends. Based on the book “She’s Just Not That Into You” by queer author Aryka Randall, “30” tells a comedic story of love, friendship, and spiritual growth after turning thirty everyone can relate to. Sonie Black narrates the story while reading through the pages of She’s Just Not That Into You. The book itself covers relationships, self-awareness, and the “twin flame” concept. Throughout the pilot, a series of events take place that forces each character to look at the realities of the


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