Prince Ja’Van- Atlanta

IMG_2619As a toddler Prince Ja’Van never crawled and was slow to walk then seemed to instantaneously dance in the spirit of entertainment’s greatest, leaving his family perplexed yet amazed. Haling all the way from Rockford, IL Prince Ja’Van the self-proclaimed undisputed Prince of R&B. Born Javan Chandler, he was an extraordinary child who did not speak until nearly three and never babbled but spoke in complete sentences. Then shortly there afterward followed the sounds of a tenor reminiscent of a young Usher. Prince Ja’Van has emerged as one of the most exceptional artists on today’s music scene as a writer, singer and dancer, he is a triple threat in entertainment industry who easily transitions from gritty hip-hop influenced tracks to R&B hits harking back to the 1990’s New Jack artists with an uncommon confidence as a young entertainer to draw upon such influences as Prince Rogers Nelson with nuances that are curiously Jackson-esque! Prince Ja’Van’s current project The Savior has several standout tracks like the inspirational pop song Melody and the feel good record Single; to the intentionally sexual Screaming Ya Name; also the grimy street R&b track Can’t Fwm to the smooth sounds of Riding Round Atlanta along with thoughtfully introspective tracks like Love Games and Praying For My City. When listening to his vocals and self-written lyrics there is something familiar about Prince Ja’Vans swagger and delivery, are all his own as a natural onstage he IMG_2621captivates the audience with a presence that is seasoned yet refreshing and lively. When asked about his greatest accomplishments to date he stated, “I think moving to Atlanta to pursue higher education in music is a huge accomplishment for me, I’m growing and learning who I am as an artist; It feels good to be able to inspire people through my music and fashion” His words speak to his youthfulness yet remind you of the greatness that is to come with an artist that possesses so many talents.

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