Political Animals

Documentary POLITICAL ANIMALS is an inspiring portrait of four defiant California politicians – all out women – who bravely fought hatred and homophobia through pioneering legislative efforts in California to make political history, paving the way for success in the fight for Equality, and to create lasting and significant social change. Featuring Bay Area political powerhouse Carole Migden.
POLITICAL ANIMALS celebrates the legendary civil rights victories of the first four openly gay elected California state politicians – who were all women: Carole Migden, Sheila Kuehl, Jackie Goldberg, and Christine Kehoe. An inspiring portrait of four defiant politicians who refused to let hatred and homophobia stop them from making history and achieving legal recognition for LGBT people throughout California and the United States. POLITICAL ANIMALS documents the tough struggles they endured together, and celebrates their pioneering success in the fight for Equality and the sweet victories these unforgettable women created to pave the way for lasting and significant social change.
Directed by Jonah Markowitz (Shelter), co-director Tracy Wares (DP: Bomb It, Gay Republicans). Produced by Anne Clement (Quinceañera, Pedro, Ping Pong Playa).
Outfest Screening:

Directed and Produced by: Jonah Markowitz

Co-Director: Tracy Ware
Producer: Anne Clements
Cast: Carole Migden, Sheila Kuehl, Jackie Goldberg, Christine Kehoe

Jonah Markowitz is a celebrated director and production designer.  Markowitz wrote and directed the critically acclaimed narrative feature film “Shelter” which was recently named “The Number 1 Gay Film of All Time” by AfterElton on their bi-annual poll. Shelter also won the HBO Award for Outstanding First Feature, The Scion Director’s Award, as well as audience awards in New York, Vancouver, Sao Paulo, Melbourne and more. Markowitz is also a successful film production designer. His most recent film, “The Diary of a Teenage Girl”, premiered at Sundance 2015 and won the Grand Prix at Berlin. His credits also include the Sundance Jury and Audience Award winning “Quinceañera”, as well as Studio films such as “We Are Marshall”, “The Help”, and “The House of Sand and Fog”.Jonah graduated from the Film department at Emerson College and also studied art history in the Netherlands, as well as film theory and production at FAMU in The Czech Republic.

TRACY WARES – CO-DIRECTORCo-Director Tracy Wares
Tracy Wares has made documentaries on five continents including; “Bomb It”, about graffiti around the globe, which
she shot and produced (Tribeca Film Festival 2007), was cinematographer for “Gay Republicans” (AFI’s Audience Award 2004), and co-produced Smokin’ Fish (PBS and IDFA 2011). Most recently, she has directed and produced documentaries for VICE Media, including “Politics of Food” (2015) and “Ovary Action” (2016). Wares’ work has aired on ABC, PBS, Sundance, Nat Geo, Discovery, A&E Bio, CW, TNT, WeTv, Trio, TLC, and VICE online.

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