Patrick Ladonis hits us with Season 3 of “Scales”

In time for the seasons changing, Patrick Ladonis gives the fan what they have been WAITING for and I will be the first to say… It! Goes! There!

Recently, the series hosted a private screening ushering in a few socialites from Atlanta’s media scene. The afternoon kicked off with host/comedian Tony Talks, welcoming attendees we entered. 

After Tony Talks’ introduction, Scales creator, Patrick Ladonis, extended his thank you’s to the audience for their attendance along with a few words from the director, Shirley Norman and editor/producer, Zain Jiwani. The event proceeded with the showing of the first 3 episodes, a brief interlude by the musical performance of Weigh, whose music is featured in the series. In the last half of the premiere, we were graced with the final 3 episodes of the season which left us in awe and excited for season 4. 

“I’m so excited that we were able to push this season out in the safest way possible,” said Patrick Ladonis, Scales creator. “ I can’t wait for people to see this new season and start conversations because honestly, that’s what it’s all about.”

Patrick Ladonis

Patrick Ladonis

Zain Jiwani serves as the editor and this season also put on the hat of producer. That opportunity gave him the benefit of seeing things from both sides of the camera. 

“It speaks volumes to me to be an editor/producer of a show that is evolving every season,” Zain explained. “It’s great to see the growth of our work and the fruits of our labors during these tough times.”

This season is a triumph for Ladonis and his crew and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to highlighting the paradigm shifts in people’s lives and relationships in the most honest way possible. 

About Scales: In 2017, Patrick created a digital series loosely based on some of his relationships as well as some of his college buddies to create the dramedy, SCALES. Patrick plays the main character, Remy Howard. The SCALES series follows Remy Howard, a guy who’s drawn to complicated people and relationships. Set in Atlanta, SCALES focuses on the challenges of finding and keeping love even when it’s not good for them. Scales has been screened at a number of film festival screenings across the country and was pre-nominated for the daytime Emmy awards.

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