Paper Citizen – American Song

Rock as a genre of music is widely known for producing some of the unique sounds proven to be the best over time and contributes to a more significant sum of its creators. Today, the Indie-rock project /LGBTQ+ artist Paper Citizen, is one of the critical players amplifying the Rock music flag. Paper Citizen has received critical acclaim from American Songwriter, Guitar World, Guitar Girl Magazine,Vanyaland, Autostraddle, The Randy Report, and more, and now, is gearing up to drop her new single, “American Song,” out now and in time for PRIDE and July 4.

Led by Singaporean singer songwriter, violinist, guitarist, and music producer, Claire Gohst, Paper Citizen is self-proclaimed “Indie rock for a lost soul in a new world.” The LA-based artist’s music blends crisp vocals with lyrical intimacy, spacious guitars, and organic rhythms for a sound that defies conventions. The project has released several outstanding tracks that have left its fans in a frenzy throughout the past several years. Their unique sound has been tested to be entertaining, inspirational, and improvising.

“Claire Gohst delivers a riveting slate of bold, punchy alt-rock hooks slathered in overdrive, soaring and impassioned singing that tears through the mix with electrifying aplomb, and even a slither of dreamy, weathered acoustic folk balladry. “ – Guitar World

Hailing from Singapore, Gohst usually succumbed to the fear of what would happen next for her life. Kicked out of home at the age of 17 after her family found out she was gay, Gohst was solely left to decide her destiny and direction in life. With so much tension at the time, she began to question the rules of her own reality and how she had ended up in that place. Whilst progressing in the local live music scene around Singapore, she realized the need to harness her musical background and soon moved to Boston to pursue training in the recording arts and Jazz violin at Berklee College of Music.

Her upcoming release, “American Song,” “is my ode/tribute to how much I love and cherish American music, and my nostalgia for how much live music has changed over the last decade,” Gohst reveals. “Despite all the things we disagree on in this country, I think we can agree that America has some of the best music in the world.”

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