Tellin How She Feels: “Love and Delusion: Why Love and Hip Hop is a Read within Itself”

There have only been two reality shows that served unscripted realness; The Real World and College Hill. Those two had me glued in front of the television during my teens and early twenties. However, reality television has hit an all time low and the main one that has lost all dignity and respect for the sake of viewers and ratings is “Love Hip Hop” franchise. Everything about Love and Hip Hop screams “Scripted”.  This is starting from the couples pretending to love each other to the fake fights that take place, to the unheard of artists that are always in the studio but still has yet to drop an album, ending with that scripted reunion of people jumping up to throw playground licks at each other. It’s bad enough that the whole thing looks like a “Z” list movie but to play on our intelligence is downright insulting.

Yandy was pregnant when Mendeecees got out of prison on the show. So either she was cheating on his ass or they reenacted his release for television. Give me a damn break she looked to be four months pregnant or either she got so damn depressed about him being locked up so she let the weight pile on. But that can’t be right because she was on instagram showing her ass. I’m surprised that Harlem boy ain’t knock her ass sideways. Mona reenacted his release on the show. Let’s be real. Peter Gunz situation is fake all the way around. You leave your baby mother, marry the side chick, and continue seeing both of them while they both sit there and do absolutely nothing. Pete’s paper isn’t long enough for that, his feet are dirty and he’s a flop.

Mona herself is a read. She gets people, who are low on money, depressed want to be famous again, makes them sign a contract making them do as she says, gives them a script to study and throws them in front of the cameras. You want to know some real tea? She does not pay these people that much. The only reason some reality stars have a high net worth is because they have their own businesses, royalty checks, endorsements, and they started their own businesses. Sheree is broke living in her mother’s house, Stevie J and Joseline’s car got repoe’d and lights got cut off, Peter Gunz and Amina were in the WIC office in Queens. I believe Mona is living vicariously through these people. I mean what cute rapper would date an old fat West Indian? She really tried it with that Sorority reality show, it is only a matter of time before her reality stars open their eyes and jump on her during a reunion show.

This is the Monroe Files. And Mona Scott Young’s file has just been pulled.

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