One Word, One Mission, One Goal: Snoop


According to Urban Dictionary, a “Boss” is defined as:


Incredibly Awesome; Miraculous; Great

Based on my definition, I define a Bo$$ as Snoop. Introduced to you in Quarter 1 as the Owner of the Hookah Hideaway in Atlanta, Ga. Snoop has taken it to a level of Shock Factor during the 2015 year.

Mychel “Snoop” Dillard is a Serial Entrepreneur who overcame many obstacles to get to where she is today. Originally from Detroit, MI, Snoop grew up in the inner-city, with her two younger brothers. After her parents faced marital adversity while she was a child, her mother decided to relocate to Nashville, TN– where Snoop spent most of her teenage years. At fifteen, Snoop became a mother, but this did not deter her from remaining dedicated to working hard towards her dreams.

Snoop knew at a young age she wanted to take an alternate route. At twelve, she was one of the youngest teammates on the Varsity Basketball squad at her high school, and was even offered multiple athletic scholarships upon entering college. However, her hoop dreams were cut short once she learned how much she would have to travel as a professional basketball player.

“I always thought I would play basketball, but I knew I would have to travel a lot. I didn’t want to always be on the road and far away from my family, friends, and everything else!”

Snoop’s alternate route led her to exploring a career in Business at Vanderbilt University. During college, Snoop was a Party promoter, Disc Jockey, and even tapped into being a rapper.  Upon graduation in 2005, Snoop began working as a Financial Advisor and Investor, while holding a license in Real Estate. She offered advice to those interested in properly managing their finances, and purchasing new homes.

In lieu of The Great Recession, she was laid off from her job and was forced, yet again, to take an alternate route. This is the route that has lead her to my inner circle and it’s time for Raynbow Affair to get up close and personal with the one who goes by One Word stays on One Mission and always has One Goal which is to Win.

DiamondKesawn: Hey, Snoop!

Snoop: Hey, what’s up DiamondKesawn?

DiamondKesawn: How are you? No, thank you for making time with your busy – I repeat, busy–schedule for me, okay. So, let’s get right in to it Snoop, because you know, I live for you hunni. All the way from Detroit and Michigan to the ATL. How are you doing?

Snoop: I’m good.

DiamondKesawn: When I met you, we were just checking in at The Hookah Hideaway which was brand new – you were taking this city by storm. You have Auburn Avenue, Jessie Hill; you got the whole block poppin, okay. So what happened was I took a nap, right. And they always say “don’t take a nap because you might miss something.” So I took a nap one good time for the vine, and when I woke up, Snoop, I got an email. And that email said, “Hey bitch, wake up, because Snoop just took off.”I said, wait a minute! What happened? So I see a picture of you in this beautiful building and I said, wait a minute, that’s not The Hookah Hideaway! Then I looked and I said, wait, Snoop is making it. So then all you said was #comingsoon. I said, wait a minute! Huh?! So then you know I had to make a couple of phone calls and I needed to know what was going on. So Snoop, I heard that the Posh Lounge is coming to Macon, Georgia.

Snoop: Yes sir, it sure is.

DiamondKesawn: So tell me about it. What got Snoop from Atlanta, Downtown, Midtown Auburn Avenue area all the way up to Macon?

Snoop: Well Macon was just a good market. It’s a good development market. It hasn’t been over saturated. There’s a lot of people there that are looking for something to do, but most of the time what they end up having to do is drive to Atlanta on the weekend. So you know, because a lot of their venues are not upgraded, like in Atlanta and they don’t really give you that posh feel. They’ve been doing that and basically we’re going to make it so that they no longer have to do that anymore, you know. We’re right downtown on 2nd Street, within walking distance from Mercer University. So that’s a really, really good opportunity to be a part of. They have not had a venue like this before in Macon. It’s three levels – we’re going to start off with two, and it’s about 2300 square feet. So it’s really, really nice, you know. We did a lot of nice upholstery and furniture. Of course we got the TV’s throughout the DJ booth, kind of facing the loft area. So it’s really, really nice. I’m really excited.

DiamondKesawn: You said what? Three levels to this shit?

Snoop: (Laughs)

DiamondKesawn: Let me find out. I got to ask, you know, between you and me because you know I ain’t going to tell nobody – when can we expect Posh to be opening?

Snoop: Posh will be open within the next four weeks. We’re basically just waiting on our license.

DiamondKesawn: Yes honey, because you know I need something new, a new cut of a something honey. Okay, yes! This could be a new cut, a new bob!

Snoop: (Laughs)

DiamondKesawn: So not only have you taken over a market; you literally leveraged the market because you have one end of the state, and now you have the whole other end of the state. So can you say, double dose? However, I heard – and now Snoop, you know I don’t listen to rumors, okay – but so you know, I’m going to ask you personally Snoop, I ain’t one to gossip – I heard that some people were calling you a triple threat because, I heard, that there was a third venue coming along that was called Escobar. So Snoop, I need you to just put the rumors to death for me and tell me now true is it?

Snoop: (Laughs) Well there is absolutely is a third venue coming up. Escobar Lounge is a joint venture with me and 2 Chainz, who’s from right here in Atlanta, so we’re both really excited about the project. It’s going to be right down on Peters Street. We’re looking to open it in spring 2016.

DiamondKesawn: Now I have to ask you this, Snoop – and we had this conversation before with The Hookah Hideaway, but I definitely have to ask you again because this is at a larger level – coming from Detroit Michigan, being in ATL, taking it over, hitting ‘em not once, not twice, but three times, three venues, I mean this venues. The Hookah Hideaway got two doors you go in one side and you come out a whole nother building, okay. Posh got three floors, how are you dewinnn, okray?! How does it feel now? Because, again, when we had this conversation, The Hookah Hideaway was one venue, so how does this feel to sit here and literally being the serial entrepreneur that you are, and we know that everything you touch turns into gold, hallelujah! But to have three amazing venues in a popping market and knowing that, listen, this is all you?

Snoop: I mean it’s really a surreal feeling you know.  I just feel very glad and I feel very moved to inspire other people. You know what I mean? If I can do it, anybody can. So it makes me feel very humbled, actually.

DiamondKesawn: Oh I like that! Now for most people, they don’t know, so we will have to let them know real quick – so Snoop, you have this, like, financial advice type of a background, right?

Snoop: Yes, uh-huh.snoop2

DiamondKesawn: So I have to ask you, being the great business minded individual with the perfect level of execution – you’ve got, honey, I have to ask you, being a financial adviser and having experience as an financial advisor, did that prepare for what you are now starting to execute or is this something that you were like, Yeah, it helps somewhat, but you know what, this just came from me just being a hustler?

Snoop: It definitely did. Of course, being a hustler did as well. But you know, it definitely helped because having a financial adviser background and sitting down with so many people that were, you know, doctors, attorneys, business owners, and I had to sit down with them and look at some of the bad financial mistakes that they had made. You know, some of these people were making six-figure incomes, but they didn’t even have five thousand dollars saved. And, having a background really taught me to save money and do the right things with it, you know. No matter how much you’re making, I always thought somewhere at the end of the day, even if you’re only making thirty grand a year, don’t live off of all thirty. You know, go for twenty and try to save a little bit of it. But you know, you just have to make it a part of your life. Saving is a habit, and it’s a trying habit. And I think that that’s something that I really learned from financial advising. They really kind of stuck with me so when I was doing other things, I was always trying to save my money so that I could move into something that I was more passionate about.

DiamondKesawn: Right, I like it! You’re doing it, and I’m all in it because it’s all you. So do me this favor like you always do, because I need you to do it for that person who looks at you and says, “Wow, Snoop is doing it! I want to do it but I’m scared. I can’t do it. I want to be Snoop but won’t. I can’t, I don’t know how.” – that’s afraid to step out on stage and just really take a chance and put their best foot forward. Being a successful, business minded serial entrepreneur, please what’s that one piece of advice outside of the great financial piece you just gave them that you would tell them to hold on to?

Snoop: The most important thing is you just have to get out there and try to do it, you know. If you don’t try, then you won’t have those experiences of failure that teach you so much, and you won’t ever feel what success feels like. Probably being an entrepreneur, one of the most important things you should make is actually get out there and try to do it. Now, so many people talk about what they want to do, and they talk about those things but then they always just remain so afraid to get out there. Time flies! If all you’re doing is talking about it, then you’re not accomplishing anything. Even if you fail – I’ve learned the most from some of my failures – so it’s like, you’ve had that experience and the ability; you’ll know what to do next time.

DiamondKesawn: Yes god, hummi! Now, see, I wasn’t trying to bring it up but since you brought it up, you said something pivotal for me – you said time flies, which it does. So Snoop, you know, I’ve been having this problem lately. You know I’m a busy person for the moment, but you know I love you Snoop – I’ve been trying to find a date and I just really, Snoop I don’t got time to be dating. If I’m coming to The Hookah Hideaway, I’ll kind of chill you know, blow my hookah, eat me some skinny wings, I just want to kick it! But I only have time to date like I should, Snoop. So, being that time is of the essence – hey, Girl Talk! How are you doing? Let’s talk about it – so Snoop, wait a minute. I heard, so I get this text message from you with this banging flyer and you’re like, bow! Girl, Talk is coming soon. I’m like, wait a minute?! Snoop, tell me about it. Lay the foundation for me.

Snoop: (Laughs) So Girl Talk is an app that will be available this Thanksgiving in the App and Google Play store. So it’s basically a fun way for women to be able to connect with other women, whether you’re straight or bisexual or a lesbian – whatever the case may be. You’ll be able to connect with other women all around the world. Basically, what I set out to do is kind of take, like, Facebook or Instagram, SnapChat; all of those social  media networks that people already love so much and kind of combine it and put it into one. So there’ll be a section where you’ll be able to upload a 20-second video with the other girls on there. There will be a chat section. Maybe a section where you just kind of scroll down and see these photos similar to the layout that we kind of have on Instagram. I think it’s going to be really dope. I figured everybody’s going to love it. And it’s something that we don’t have right now for the LGBT community, when it comes to women being able to connect with other women. There are apps out there for men to be able to connect with other men. But very few for women.

DiamondKesawn: (Laughs) I feel you! You know I don’t care, I’m downloading it. I need me some Girl Talk in my life. But it will be this multi-tiered app that will allow me to interact with females from all across the world?

Snoop: Uh-hmm.

DiamondKesawn: Oh, I cannot wait for girls getting nasty on Girl Talk (laughs). So, is it like, take me back to my chat-line where I kind of need a private inbox? Can somebody slide in my DM, Snoop?

Snoop: Oh, absolutely! Absolutely.

DiamondKesawn: It looks like this might be it! So okay, Snoop I got to ask you – if I legit want to know this, with all that you do – and Snoop I know you barely sleep – you will wake up in Atlanta, go to sleep in Miami, and wake up in Dubai, okay. With all that you do, where did the idea to even approach finding an app – but how do we go from the idea of doing an app for females out there, to you literally building this freaking, amazing, what we are about to get this Thanksgiving, Girl Talk?

Snoop: Pretty much how this came about is, I was basically hanging out at my lounge and I ended up running into a guy that is kind of a regular over there and he was from the banking industry, and we just started talking about business, and we just kind of had the idea. I told him my overall idea and he said “that’s what I do. I can make this definitely. I can actually go behind the scenes and build the app and handle in the development after as well. I was like, oh man, that’s on.

DiamondKesawn: Wow! Snoop, first of all let me say congratulations, okay. So Girl Talk the app drops Thanksgiving Day, is that right?

Snoop: Thanksgiving Day, yup.

DiamondKesawn: Thanksgiving Day, and it will be, just to make sure, it will be in the Apple App Store and on Google Play?

Snoop: Yes, they sure will be.

DiamondKesawn: Listen, I’m off to get me some Girl Talk. Is it free or is there a charge for it? Is there premium services? How are we working this?

Snoop: It will be free when it first comes out, and then in the first of the year, it will be $ 1.95 when downloaded.

DiamondKesawn: Let me get my pennies saved up because I need the all access, okray (laughs), because I need me some Girl Talk. Listen, from Posh to Escobar, to The Hookah Hideaway, now to the digital world of Girl Talk – Snoop, I absolutely positively love you. I adore you; I adore your movement. I support everything you do. I’m at each grand opening. I’m downloading Girl Talk. I’m pushing it. I don’t care if it ain’t my talk, I’m still pushing it.

Snoop: (Laughs)

DiamondKesawn: I thank you for taking the time to stop by Raynbow Affair Magazine. Baby, you know we rock with you all the way from Zero to 100.

Snoop: (Laughs) Oh man, thank you so much. I really appreciate you.

DiamondKesawn: Definitely! Do this for me – let them know where they can follow you at, and definitely that app too because I know about it in Instagram.

Snoop: Oh yeah, absolutely. Everybody can follow my personal pages @WhoIsSnoop on Instagram, as well as Twitter. My email address is:, and the Girl Talk app page is @GirlTalkApp on Instagram. Then our email is: We also have our website Go ahead and join our subscriber list so you can be the first one to get the app.

Snoop is one of the few people I know who can turn 15 cents into 15 dollars. Make sure you support The Hookah Hideaway, Posh, Escobar Lounge, Girl Talk and all other things to come. Snoop is truly a gem and her skills are to be adorned.


When it comes to the Name DiamondKesawn, it truly speaks for itself. Born Kesawn Cooper, in conjunction with the fact that he is known to be a girl's Best friend aka Diamond; you get the Birth of DiamondKesawn. The Self Made Media Socialite is dedicated to the continued Growth and the Development of himself, DKP the Brand, RAmag, and the Brands of those he will touch. Buckle your Seat Belt as it’s always a Roller Coaster Ride with DiamondKesawn. #MindYou

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