Odile, the First Butt Plug Dilator for Lift-Off with Launch of Indiegogo Campaign


Odile, the world’s first fully-adjustable rectal dilator, announces its official Indiegogo crowdfunding launch, which went live this past Saturday, August 15th at Indiegogo.com.

The genderless Butt Plug Dilator is nearly three years in the making by creator/designer Benjamin Jay; frustrated by the existing products on the market – none of which widen the rectal area gradually and carefully for safe anal prep/play.

“Good anal sex is the result of good anal dilation, which many people aren’t aware of,” said Jay. “Many devices offer different sizes – small, medium, large – to work with, but Odile is unique in that it offers one head, one device and controllable shaft girth for smooth, effortless internal stretch.”

The key to Odile’s success is a literal key at the bottom of the toy that widens millimeter by millimeter for precise fine-tuning that guarantees the most comfort during use – expansion from 1 inch to 1.5 inches. “Dilation at your own pace,” said Jay.

The Odile butt plug dilator will be available to early-bird Indiegogo supporters for a discounted rate of $89. The device is made in California – USA with medical-grade silicone, a dual-density shaft and a profiled tip for easy insertion.

To learn more about Odile – Butt Plug Dilator, visit OdileToys.com and follow on Instagram.com/odiletoys.

To pre-order Odile Toys on Indiegogo.com follow this link: https://igg.me/at/odiletoys.


Odile (‘Orifice Dilator’) Butt Plug Dilator is a genderless sex toy especially made for anal dilation (anal dilation = anal prep) with an adjustable shaft girth that widens with the turn of a key at the bottom of the device for gradual, precise and safe expansion.

The product will be available by the end of 2020 by California-based creator Benjamin Jay, Odile was born with comfort and pleasure in mind. Made in the USA with high-quality body-safe silicone, Odile will satisfy men and women with any sexual preference, solo or with a partner.

The girth range adjusts from 1 inch diameter to 1.5 inch, which means it will fit perfectly for beginners in anal sex as well as the more initiated anal sex lover. With Odile you will get the best anal prep ever! Check out our crodfunding campaign: https://igg.me/at/odiletoys

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