Nicki Minaj vs. Joe Budden

All I was doing was minding my business but this one was too good. I will admit I am a fan of the Love shared between Nicki & Meek. With that said, I will agree that his boo loving cupcaking on social media may not be the best Branding with the release of his latest album.

Recently, Joe Budden had a few things to share on the topic of Nicki and Meeks love and babeeeeeeee, Nicki woke dat azz  up while in Finland to go Toe to Toe with Joe.

The couple were the subject of criticism from Joe Budden’s popular blog, “I’ll Name This Podcast Later” with Marisa Mendez. In a recent episode, Budden explains how Meek is possibly watering down his rebellious bad boy image by openly discussing his relationship with Nicki Minaj in interviews and flaunting her on social media. While Meek has responded and even questioned the rapper’s lyrical ability, Nicki questioned Budden’s intentions on Twitter.

After the “Feeling Myself” rapper sarcastically pondered about Budden’s views stemming from a podcast, she cleared up her tweet by suggesting he and many others should appreciate their love instead of tearing it down.

“Why would you be bothered by another man showing love to his girl?” she tweeted. “All the best w/ur podcast. All jokes aside.”

Meek has become more vocal with his relationship recently. In his interview with Angie Martinez this week, the rapper says he’s open to sharing photos of his relationship to show his appreciation for Nicki, not everyone else.

Calling her a “dream come true,” he says their chemistry is real and noting, “Nicki Minaj would make anyone change up their whole situation.”

While Budden hasn’t been vocal about his own relationship with Kailyn Garcia, the two will appear on the season six of the VH1 reality show, Couple’s Therapy.

No Shade but, IS HE MAD?

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