New Queer TV Series Pet Peeves World Premieres on National Pet Day (4/11)

This coming National Pet Day (April 11th), find out what pets really think about their owners in the hysterical new dark comedy TV series, PET PEEVES, World Premiering on Revry at 5 pm (PST) / 8 pm (EST).

In the vein of BASKETS and Golden Globe-winning TED LASSO, this new comedy from creator Spencer Schilly (RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE) revolves around newly paroled pet psychic, Milton Michaels, played by award-winning actor, Jonah Blechman (ANOTHER GAY MOVIE, THIS BOY’S LIFE).

Schilly shares, “I’ve always had a special connection to animals, and feel they need to be heard. If we had more Milton’s among us, listening to the animals and speaking on their behalf, the world would be a much better place for all of us. PET PEEVES gives us a glimpse into what that world would look like, and how things can get messy when we humans don’t like what we hear.”

Released after 15 years behind bars in a Florida prison, Milton moves to California to live with his sister, Judy, and restart his pet psychic career only to discover the past won’t stay buried for long.

In his sister’s home, Milton begins acclimating to a now modern world with mobile phones and computers. When he finds the urn containing his childhood dog, he reconnects with the love he had for Sparky. But Milton is quickly torn away from reminiscing when his childhood tormentor, Candice, comes to visit him. Candice, who claims that her dog has been kidnapped, tricks Milton into a scheme that could jeopardize his freedom while Judy becomes increasingly frustrated with Milton for keeping in contact with Milton’s prison lover back in Florida.

Along the way, Milton meets a beautiful millennial model with an eating issue that secretly lives inside her; and a sexy gay couple with an unusually adoring, disobedient dog that reveals a heartfelt shock to Milton that must be acknowledged.

“I fell in love with playing Milton, the eccentric, ex-con pet psychic”, says Blechman. “The concept of going intimately into the lives of people and their pets totally hit my funny bone and was equally fascinating to explore. Oh, what our animals could tell about us!”

From neurotic pet parents to different types of animals including our furry four-legged friends, the series premieres for free on the global queer TV network, Revry, for National Pet Day, April 11th at and then On Demand at

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