Neil Sneider, luxury dress sock collection for men

Hey Favs, I present to you several socks that, when worn and then carefully dropped into conversation (preferably while tugging up a trouser cuff to display them), will 1) lend you an air of distinctive splendor, 2) imbue you with a hint of worldly expertise, and, charmingly, 3) improve the direct effect on people’s default assumptions of you. The better you’re dressed, the more respect and attention society automatically gives you.

This first range of luxury dress socks is dominated by timeless, easy on the eye, shadow stripes that come in rich colors. From pastel colors like Lilac, and Ecru to bright hues of royal blue and burgundy each pair is designed to give your wardrobe versatility. By thinking about colors and stripes in a meaningful way rather than just throwing together motifs that clash too badly, we wanted to offer you an elevated dress sock that doesn’t force you to dilute your age or personal style.

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