National Best Selling Authors Porscha Sterling and Leo Sullivan Officially Launch LiT Reading App

National bestselling authors Leo Sullivan and Porscha Sterling, have officially launched their new electronic book reader app, The LiT Reading App. The LiT Reading App is a unique digital space where authors of Black literature can have their books noticed, bought and read by readers interested in their literary works. Currently, LiT is the only eReading app specifically designed for African-American Literature. It gives direct exposure to books and authors who are otherwise hidden, making it increasingly hard for them to connect with their readers. LiT places these authors’ work directly in front of the readers looking for what they offer. This new app will feature content that has never before been available in print along with exclusive electronic book (e-books) titles from hundreds of Black authors.

As the owners of the top two urban publishing companies, Leo Sullivan Presents, owned by Leo Sullivan and Royalty Publishing House owned by Porscha Sterling, the duo found it necessary to present authors and readers alike with a platform that makes reading relaxing, fun, and easy. The LiT Reading App has great search capabilities, unique personalization features, insightful customer reviews and a vast book selection.

The LiT Reading App is already delivering brand-new content to readers in a fast and easy-to-use new format. Four bestselling titles are making their e-book debut exclusively on the LiT Reading App. Some of these titles which are not available for print include:

“Boss Queen” by Porscha Sterling

“A Gangsta’s Daughter” by Leo Sullivan

“The Sweetest Heat”  by Bianca

“A Fool for Love” by Natisha Raynor

One of the great things about the LiT Reading App is that it’s not only a literary movement but a cultural movement. It’s a platform for Black authors everywhere to be creative and share their story to an audience who is anxious to hear what they want to say.” says Leo Sullivan & Porscha Sterling.

Leo Sullivan and Porscha Sterling promise to ensure a seamless customer experience. With the LiT Reading App, you will be able to experience reading in ways that you never have before. Hundreds of novels will be at your fingertips, many of them absolutely free of charge – no subscription, no purchase necessary.

The LiT Reading App is now accepting manuscripts from new authors at

About Leo Sullivan

Leo Sullivan is a movie director and national bestselling author who has written multiple best selling books over a span of 8 years. In 2011, Leo started his own company, Sullivan Productions, LLC (Sullivan Productions), which produces both films and literary works. Since its inception, Sullivan Productions has grown to be one of the nation’s largest urban publishing companies. Leo Sullivan has been featured in such magazines as Essence, Don Diva, King, and XXL just to name a few. He decided to enter the movie industry after writing several screenplays and working with independent movie studios and producers.

About Porscha Sterling

Porscha Sterling is a best selling author, publisher and entrepreneur. She’s best known as the author of the King of the Streets, Queen of His Heart and Bad Boys Do It Better series, which each sold more than 5,000 copies in the first 24 hours of the release of each part of the series. Born in Hollywood, FL, Sterling obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and her Master’s degree in Business Management before deciding to follow her passion and write novels.

In 2014, Sterling created Royalty Publishing House. Under her expert leadership, Royalty Publishing House has established itself as a stronghold in the African-American literary community, publishing many top-selling novels in the Urban, Contemporary Romance, Interracial Romance and Women’s Fiction genres.

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