Nathan Williams: 90 Days

Short Summary

  • Hi there!!! We are the 90 Days Team. Our film tells the story of Jessica & Taylor a fantastic couple who have fallen in love. After ninety days of dating, Jessica and Taylor are forced to confront the realities surrounding living and loving with HIV after one of them reveals he/she is HIV positive. The film seeks to give people living with HIV hope toward finding love and intimacy while educating others.
  • With this film, we intend to dispel prevailing myths about what it means to be HIV positive, particularly when it comes to dating, sex, marriage and having children. We also intend to create a compelling piece that gives people, especially people of color, living with HIV a vision for establishing and managing mixed status intimate and sexual relationships.
  • We will use the film to open a dialogue about the current realities of living with HIV, including, HIV treatment, partner protection, and more. In addition, to our top target festivals (Sundance, TriBeCa, Urbanworld, Toronto, the American Black Film Festival, the Pan African Film Festival, etc.), the film will be made available to be used by the HIV prevention community and community-based organizations as a tool to engage populations around these issues.

What We Need & What You Get

  • We are raising $35K (or more) via this campaign because we believe that it is important for the community to participate in its creation. It is a film for and about saving and bettering our lives. All of your donations will go directly to the production of the film for necessities such as lights, camera equipment, editors, editing software, and also a crew of gaffers, electricians, costume designers, hair and makeup artists, etc. We want to have the very best in order to effectively and creatively spread our message of living and loving with HIV. Lastly, we also need your help with festival submissions, prints, and traveling to promote this incredible project.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • We understand that not everyone is in a financial state to donate, but if you could spread the word about this awesome project, it is greatly appreciated. Please follow us on our social media accounts:
  • Twitter/IG: @90DaysFilm, Hashtags: #90DaysFilm #lovingwithHIV #greaterthanHIV
  • Also, please be sure to share our Indiegogo page as well.

Who We Are

  • Nathan Hale Williams – Writer/Director/Producer
  • Jennia Fredrique – Director/Producer
  • Sol Aponte – Producer
  • Nasir Kenneth Ferebee – Producer
  • Andrea J. Hargrave – Executive Producer
  • Richard E. Pelzer II – Executive Producer
  • Qiana Hair-Brown – Co-Producer
  • Coryandre Wright – Production Associate
  • Production Companies: iN-Hale Entertainment, LLC & Full Frequency Media, Inc.


  • We have a star-studded cast of gifted actors lined up that are sure to give stellar performances. Stay tuned for big casting announcements here!!

Ultimate Goal

  • We will tour the film festival circuit with this project as well as do special informational screening across the country to raise HIV awareness.
  • Our ultimate goal is to show the film at the White House for World AIDS Day in December 2016. NHW3
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