Nail Care 101 with Princess of Princess Nails

Hey dollies,  I’m Princess

I am a celebrity nail stylist in Atlanta ,Ga, originally from Detroit, Mi. I’ve been doing nails for 7 years Ive been working with bosses my whole career. My instagram is @iamprincessnails feel free to check me out. Im here to give you dollies some bomb nail hacks to keep your nails looking fresh, fly, and new.

First thing I do recommend for acrylic and gel enhancements is proper maintenance. Those frequent 2-3 week appointments are really for your benefits. If in the event you pass the 3 week mark always keep in mind your natural nails tend to bend based on your new growth. Bending can lead to breaking. You want to avoid waiting too long between appointments

TIP #1

  • You can get  some coconut oil from your local supermarket  apply your natural oil and rub into your palms and cuticles to keep your hands moisturized. You can also try grapeseed oil, virgin olive oil or morrocon oil. This will keep your hands from the dryness in the coming seasons .

(These oils are perfect combinations with your favorite bath soaps and body butters.)

  • When you are cleaning, washing dishes, doing laundry, anything that requires having contact with harsh chemicals and hair dyes or any corrosive including acetone always wear latex or rubber gloves to protect your nails .
  • When you get elaborate nail designs like charms, 3d, jewels etc. be mindful of your jewels to avoid snagging, jamming or damaging your nails. Try to avoid lifting heavy boxes or moving heavy furniture. You want those designer nails to stay gorgeous.

Friendly Disclaimer

If you want your nails to last longer try colored acrylics permanent nail art,  and ombres. This is one of your more express services with a better turn over as far as time is concerned.

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