Monique Heart, Latrice Royale and Jasmine Masters of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars joined AM to DM

Monique Heart, Latrice Royale and Jasmine Masters

Monique Heart: “Me coming out and becoming Monique shortly after is truthfully when I felt like, ‘Oh you know me. You see me, and you love all of me.’ You grow up hearing it, but you’re trying to pray the very thing that makes you unique and different away. Loving myself and knowing that Monique is a gift, I can continue the same message of ‘hey, He loves you. Cut the bullshit. He loves you. Stop the accusations. He loves you.’ Cause when you know that you’re loved from that place, everything else is changed…From that place, we give love. We receive love. We create.”

“My uncle, who is a typical black alpha male, he said ‘I respect you so much.’ He goes, ‘you’re gay, and you know how we feel about that but as a man, taking care of your responsibilities and taking care of your mom, I love that you’re taking care of her by being a drag queen.’…Just straight black men being affirming to gay black men. Cause at the end of the day, they could shoot you, they could shoot me. We’re both black. We’re both dead…So the community as black people coming together is so beautiful, because that’s where the change we’ve been looking for happens.”

What people should understand about being black drag queens:

Latrice Royale: We are beautiful and powerful and creative and artistic — all the adjectives that stand firm for any race or gender. We’re no different….we come from such oppression, and its deeply rooted within us all…The fact that we are strong and were built tough and persevere through everything. It’s important to see this example of what success can be…You can do any and everything you can imagine…And these are now prime goals. They’re tangible goals. You can touch and feel what success is.”

Jasmine Masters: “For someone like me who never wanted to do drag — it took my mom to tell me this was my calling….Just to know that my whole entire family, from my mom’s side, my dad’s side…everyone supports me. They love me. They cheer me on. It’s such a blessing because when I was coming out, I didn’t see that…I had friends who came out and were homeless. Coming out as 16, I didn’t get that. That made me love my family even more…As long as you have some good girls to look up to, I’m glad that we are here and so many others on the show, they could break that stigma now.”

Season four:

Monique: “The time was so short, it felt like it never ended. I wanted to prove that I know what I’m doing and that I wasn’t a waste of a position. There are so many girls from small towns that put their tape in..and so for them to pick me, it was like ‘Oh my gosh, bitch. I have to wear you out.’ It helps your career, but at the same time, you’re going before the drag queen…”

Latrice: “I really wanted to have a good time this go-around. The last experience was not so pleasant. Going back in, we were able to represent ourselves…And like, ‘bitch, if you screw up, we both go home.’ It was really, for me, about having a good time, showcasing myself and keep the positive vibe going and teach these kids.”

Jasmine: “The first time I was there, it was like a get off my checklist…So me getting on the show was more like, ‘let me walk through the door and get the approval, then I can go to the next phase,’ because that’s where my mind was at then. Going on All Stars this time, I was going in with a whole different mind. I was going through a lot of deaths during through a lot of death during that time. My mindset was ‘go in there and just have fun and live your life to the best…just have fun in the moment.'”

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