MK12 eCigars Private Launch Reception Recap

Last night, I attended the launch for Michael Keith of 112 and his new E-Cigar collection entitled, MK12. The event was cute. Of course, you have your members of the Legendary 112. I saw Donnell Jones in the corner hiding. Dvante Black was sitting in VIP smooth as ever. Shar Bates was on the Red Carpet. Melinda Santiago was running around like crazy. Michael Keith was in the first VIP section looking like the King of Cocaine and Coconuts. Ha. It was cute tho no shade.

Naturally, I had to pull Melinda to the side to get the goings on what the night was based around as a whole and what we could look out for. Get into the exclusive audio as she let us in the know.

Here’s where it gets Kray! Between me and you, as Melinda and I were out back mingling, we noticed something out of the ordinary. All I will say is, I am a firm believer in dressing for the occasion. Also, I feel that if you weren’t invited you should stay home. *cough, cough*

Get into the SHADE that was thrown in the Dark……..

No Edits….. All us……. That is True Tea on a Friday!


What is an E-Cigar:

An E-Cigar is the modernized version of the classic cigar. This is the best option if you’re concerned about your health, but you still want to enjoy the look and taste of a cigar. The appearance of an E Cigar is almost the same as the regular, traditional cigar, but its mechanism is totally different. To put it simply, an ECigar is a device operated electronically and powered by batteries.

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