Megan Vice is “Super Delicious”

Once again, Megan Vice rocks her own special brand of glitter, sass and disco- infused funk pop. Only this time, she does it on the sun-drenched beaches of New York’s Fire Island in “Super Delicious”, the first single off her new e.p. of the same name, releasing Friday.

“I love this song so much,” she says. “It puts me in a great mood whenever I listen to it and I hope it does the same for everyone else!”

That’s why when it came time to think about where to shoot the music video, she knew she needed to do it in the happiest place on earth. “So I packed my bikini, pumps, shades and make-up case and hopped on the ferry to Fire Island Pines.”

Born and raised in New York, Megan’s irreverent, tongue-in-cheek lyrical style and musical prowess are in full effect on Super Delicious. The EP combines empowering messages with undeniable grooves.

“I want listeners to feel good about themselves and live their best lives – to a really good beat,” she explains.

She also wants them to trust their instincts. “I’ve had so many people give their two cents on what I should do stylistically to be more popular. I make music with the thought of what me, myself and I want to hear. Don’t try to be like anyone else or put yourself into a box.”

Its advice Megan takes to heart. Her signature sound has garnered comparisons to Chromeo, Daft Punk and early Janet Jackson.

On the five-track Super Delicious album, the disco ball never truly stops. Following the title track is “Nobody Freakin’”, a girl power funk jam; then “Hold Up (Be My Lady)”, a sultry R&B number; and “Dressed to Kill”, an energetic, feel-good anthem in the vein of Morris Day from Purple Rain.

Then there’s “2 Good 4 Me,” a song Megan admits is different from any song she’s done before. It draws inspiration from a dark period in her life. “I wrote it last year during a severe decline in my mental health when I was at the pinnacle of crippling anxiety and depression,” she explains. “I found myself dating a man who I convinced myself was too good for me. But let’s be clear, your girl was just mentally ill and unmedicated and I swear mental illness will have you devoted to a lying ass 3 be- lieving he’s a 10. Shortly after this song was written I finally decided to give medication a try and honestly, it was the best decision I ever made. Moral of the story is – ain’t no bitch ass man too good for me but I’m grateful for the inspiration!”

The Super Delicious EP follows Spread the News, Megan Vice’s debut EP that Popdust hailed as ‘E.P. of The Year’ in 2016. “I know it’s been a few years but that’s because I’m super picky and want to make sure that I am proud of the work I put out.”

She credits Kyle Kelso (Parachute, Parson James, R3HAB, 3LAU, Spencer Ludwig, Autograf, Penguin Prison) for the sonic cohesiveness throughout the Super Delicious EP.

“We speak each other’s musical love language. I’ve learned so much from Kyle and feel stronger in my craft from my time spent collaborating with him. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the Super Delicious EP is everything I hoped it would be and more.”

Megan Vice’s “Super Delicious”, the single and EP, will be available on iTunes, Spotify and all digital platforms this Friday. 

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