Meet Detective Lacey Mills “Sight Lines” by Michelle DiCeglio

Sight Lines cover artFive dead women in fifteen months. Each of their bodies—discovered by hikers in Vantage Woods in the small town of Lyons, Ohio—suffered a single but fatal gunshot to the head. But there are no shell casings at the scenes. There are no fingerprints, no evidence, no suspects.

Detective Lacey Mills doesn’t know where to turn.

In the course of her investigation, she meets Alison Rhodes, a captivating woman who went on a date with the most recent victim less than 48 hours before her demise.

As the murders become more intense, so do Lacey’s feelings for Alison, along with her suspicion that Ali may be more than just a potential witness.

When it appears that Ali could be the killer’s next target, Lacey puts everything at risk—including her own life—to protect her.

But it’s what she eventually uncovers about Ali that might truly kill her.

I can’t wait to find out what happens in the city when Murder, Lust, Love, Survival and Secrets all come head to head….. Yes Gawd hunni, Michelle DiCeglio did her thing with this novel. I love her.

MD-200x300Michelle DiCeglio has a bachelor’s degree in Criminology and has been working in corrections and law enforcement for fifteen years. She is the photographer and (sometimes) stage manager for a local theater troupe, and in her spare time she will write and direct short films with her friends. Her photography has been published in newspapers and online magazines/blogs.
Michelle is married, and has two dogs and four cats. She hopes to see her novels turn into a movie or television show one day (Netflix, are you listening?). (I may need to Co-Produce this one) *Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*
Michelle is currently writing a sequel to Sight Lines.


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