Media Stop: The Fashion Play Date in Harlem (Presented by Industry Kids and A. Royale)

A day of influence, the Fashion Play Date event was presented by Industry Kids and A. Royale. Taken place at the newly opened  Stingrays restaurant on 5th Avenue in Harlem the event brought together key industry influences as an inspiration for brand awareness building through networking and interpersonal engagement which has become a loss art as a result of dependence on social media.   The brainchild of Malika Manning and Erika DeShazo, whom only intent was to bring together impact entities and persons of influence. Hosted by media specialist Avery Watson, speakers included Truasia Sapp of Tru Inc PR, Francis Golden  (Founder and CEO of Golden Magazine, as well as Eddie and Carl of Mogul Media. Gift bags for the afternoon were provided by Miss Jessie’s and Townley Girl. Influencers and their children were privy to a photo booth sponsored by NYC Photo Booth Experts and amazing shots were provided by Terrell Lopez.  Esteemed individuals on hand include is not limited to Donshea Hopkins, Ameenha Lee, Aasim Harris, Webstar, and Isaiah Whitehead.  Check out some highlights of part 1 of the Fashion Play Date series




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