Lyrics, Life and Love: Teri “Lyric” Green

O2E - InsideYesterday I was introduced to an artist that is one to be on the look out for. According to the feedback, when it comes to her lyrics she is labeled a beast one created as if Drake and J. Cole merged creating a love child name Teri “Lyric” Green the most exciting thing to hear is that her music is positive and she is a lesbian who just got married on July 4th, 2015. Hey Now….

Teri “Lyric” Green, Raw music artist of the year 2014, fourth runner up in and Myspace’s first ever “Take the Stage” competition with Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and Johnny Wright, she is as unique as they come. Unsigned Only International songwriting competition 2013 winner for Rnb/Hip Hop. Teri “Lyric” Green is truly in takeover mode. crowned a champion in L.A 2013 as well as 2014/2015 at the Indie Music Channel Awards she was nominated in 2 categories and swept the competition bringing both awards back to Chicago/Indiana. One for best Rap Song and the second for Best Rap Recording. Lyric not only wrote these songs, she Produced them as well. Can you say Double Trouble?

Lyric just returned from touring in England, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. Yes Gawd Hunni, she makes me want a vacation in the NAME….

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The Wedding

Teri and Angela met thru their craft of Angela “Imani Truth” Manson is known as the princess of poetry. Both have performed with famous names, are international artist and have the same heart.

Thru pain and art their love was birthed Teri “Lyirc” Green decided she wasn’t letting something so good past her by and while she was on tour in Jamaica in 2013 she popped the big question to Angela and surprisingly Angela said yes!! I know that’s obvious but Teri is the first female relationship ever for Angela and now four years later they are stronger than ever. Both have careers but mainly they thrive on assisting others they have fed more than 1200 homeless people out of their pockets, more than 600 kids, and sent 3 kids to prom.

While getting ready to secure the ceremony the unexpected happen which only proves more that they are more than right for each other they are destined. Teri mother passed away 2 weeks before the wedding and majority of the cost fell upon Teri. They cut off a few things from the wedding so that her mom could have the home-going she deserved while still pulling off a great wedding. With emotions soaring to unknown heights Teri had her mother cremated and still took her to the wedding for the most reason being her mother had never been out the country. The wedding took place on July 4th, and she had a release ceremony for her mom July 5th.

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