Lipstick Jodi has us “Going Insane”

Lipstick Jodi, led by songwriter/guitarist Karli Morehouse, who will release their sophomore album, More Like Me, May 7th on Quite Scientific. The band released a second single from the record, the self-empowerment anthem, “Going Insane”.

Discussing the embers sparked “Going Insane”, Morehouse stated, “At the time I started writing ‘Going Insane’, I was at one of the most stable points in my life. I found myself surrounded by well meaning friends, had a decent day job, was working out consistently for the first time in my life, and had gotten engaged to someone I had been seeing consistently for 2 years. All things I had spent my early 20s wanting, but was instead cycling through self-destructive behavior surrounded by people who weren’t looking out for anyone’s best interest, including mine.On what I’m sure was a very normal day, I could feel myself slipping into a depression/anxiety episode that could have been triggered by anything. I knew I had a stronger grasp on how to handle it, but at this point in my life I was afraid of how the people around me would start treating me. Before I got into boundary work and practiced mindfulness, I would find any self-destructive way to escape my anxiety. It’s how I watched others handle things and I was conditioned to do the same my whole life. But I had done the work to grow through a dark time in my life, and wanted myself and everyone around me to know that I was ‘not playing games’ and I wouldn’t be reverting back into old, toxic habits.

The lyrics hold a sort of confession, paired with the idea of ‘not being held’ to the same standards as I once was held to – either by myself or others. They started out directed toward my fiancé, who has known me for 10 years. We had been on and off for 5 and were giving it a real try this time around (we’ve set a record for makeup streaks). She has watched me go through a lot of good and bad, and I was most worried about how she viewed me when I was in a bad headspace because of outcomes that had happened before. It started as an explanation of my behavior; letting her know I could still be there for her and that I wasn’t going anywhere even when I hit my lowest mood swings.

Because of my lack of intention, while writing, it ended up developing into an entire song about where I was mentally and how I couldn’t handle it the same ways I used to. ‘Not going insane now’, was a phrase that kept repeating in my head. As if I needed to keep assuring myself there was no way I was going to let myself fall back into my old ways of coping. Every lyric in ‘Going Insane’ can be isolated and pointed toward a situation or a repeating thought I have had. It was a song that started writing itself, really.”

With More Like Me Morehouse closes the books on everything that got them to this place. All the raw emotions and experiences of childhood, teenage complexity, and early adulthood angst are explored and expressed in depth – soundtracked by the adrenaline rush of synths, guitar-fuzz, and propulsize drums. When Morehouse sings, they blast through the sounds in triumph.

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