Lil Boosie’s take on Gay Content via TV

22In a time were same sex marriages are legal and tranSgender women are awarded as heroes, you would think people would be more accepting of the LGBT community. Well, people are very much still divided on the topic. Lil’ Boosie has made it clear that he is not here for the “gay shit.” He says,cam-mitchell

“Since I’ve came home ever time I turn on the tv some gay shit. I try to watch love and hip hop (gay shit) tried to watch empire (gay shit).”


Boosie went on to say he even saw a cartoon doing some “gay shit.” He said next there is going to be a gay channel for kids encouraging them to embrace being gay or wanting to be gay. 50 Cent also expressed that he feels there is too much “gay content” on ‘Empire.’ Is Lil’ Boosie homophobic? What are your thoughts?

Furthermore, I challenge you to answer me this. Is there a such thing as “TOO MUCH” gay content on Mainstream Television? Should it be in doses? Should it only be a certain type? Soundoff.

As far as Boosie goes, in my opinion he’s a street nu**a and it is what it is.


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