Life Isn’t Fair the Stage Play


It’s no secret that life isn’t fair. Growing up we quickly learn that time isn’t on our side. The good will prevail over bad and most importantly, we learn that life isn’t fair.

This is something that most people hear from older siblings followed by a life lesson at some point n their teen to young adult years. Derrell Lawrence has taken this life lesson and is bringing from the screen and taking  it to the stage.


This “Powerful, Emotional, Dramatic” stage production is adapted from award-winning independent film Life Isn’t Fair by Derrell Lawrence. For some people life is simple, but for Ricky Jones it’s been everything but. Forced to deal with tragedy at a young age (witnessing the untimely death of his Mother and Sister) mad and upset, Ricky turned his back on God, but not before being incarcerated. Ricky is up for prison release and ready for a new start and life. With a fresh outlook on life, he also understands who has kept him. Now ready (and willing) to give his life to Christ, he also understands that the devil is always working and nearby. Come be a witness as Ricky struggles at the crossroad of being God’s Child or Satan’s Angel.



Derrell Lawrence is an American actor, filmmaker, writer, director, executive-producer and upcoming author. He is perhaps best known for his 2007 feature film debut Life Isn’t Fair. LIF earned Lawrence several awards including, “The Highest Achievement for New Filmmaker” at the Jokara-Micheaux Video and Film Festival in Georgia, as well as, both “The Silver Award” and “The People’s Choice Award” from the Philadelphia International Film Festival and Market. He is also known for his work with the independent feature film Happy Holidaze (2008). More recently, Lawrence has been busy writing plays and working on his first book titled Burnout. He has received rave reviews for his first stage play, “Do You Trust Your Best Friend?” This play toured nationally and was featured on NewsOne with Roland Martin (TVOne). Lawrence just made an appearance on film Must Be the Music (post production written and directed by Charles S. Dutton) and is co-starring in the independent film Gotta Make It Out. Currently Lawrence is out on national tour with stage adaptation of LIF.


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