Life After Coming Out with Nicholas Birchall

What started out as a journey to find love on Love Island turned into a life-changing decision for Nicholas Birchall whose coming out story happened for the world to see.

Understanding that life as a bi-sexual male comes with its own internal battle. Nicholas Birchall made a decision that was personal as well as influential at the same time. After struggling with the opinions of others since middle school, his desire to be free and walk in his truth has always been something he wanted to do.

“I have always struggled with my identity and sexuality,” Birchall admits while getting vulnerable about his upbringing and ruthless bullying in highschool.  “[The bullying] was one of the things that made me hide for so long, but after getting on this reality show … I decided the time was right.”

Now in his twenties, Nic embarked upon his journey to find love on the hit show Love Island USA. No longer fearing what the world had to say or who may or may not accept him, during his time on the show, Nic made the decision to remove himself from a situation that was no longer a good representation of who he is or what he came for.  With his head held high, and his integrity higher, he left the show to finally open up about his sexuality and identity, something he had been working up the courage to do for years prior and was shocked when he was met with discrimination and exclusion.  As the only member of Love Island USA to not be invited back to this season’s reunion, and having been dropped from countless interviews and press features after coming out as bisexual, Nicholas Birchall has been silenced… Until Now!

Take a listen as Nic takes the road leading up to filming, as well as life after coming out and what’s to come from him.


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Nicholas Birchall

Nicholas Birchall

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