LGBTQ Superheroes “The Sensational Hunk”

“Issue 6 of The Homo Heroes, “The Sensational Hunk” is even more suspenseful than the previous five,” says creator Todd Nunes. “We are moving towards the series conclusion, so tensions are high, storylines are charged, and the fight between good and evil – while looking fabulous – has never been more dire.”

THE HOMO HEROES characters in Issue #6 are just as larger-than-life as mainstream superheroes and aim to keep the streets safe in crime-ridden, glamour-driven Starlight City. They include purple-caped PRIDE, LIBERTY LEZ, DRAG-O-LICIOUS (The Daredevil Drag Queen), BACK-LASH, and many other Heroes in pursuit of justice and equality. Issue #6 also introduces new heroes and villains including Papa Bear and The Mind Thrivers.

“I’m excited to have the release of Issue #6 coincide with Pride month,” says Nunes. “The Homo Heroes embody everything that Pride month means to me: inclusivity, representation, hope, acceptance, and individuality. Our characters offer a new, fun, narrative for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies.”

Plot highlights for Issue #6: Drag-O-Licious receives irrefutable evidence that an evil mastermind is out to eradicate The Homo Heroes. While investigating this sinister plot, Pride encounters a fearsome adversary: The Sensational Hunk! Across town, Back-Lash and Drag-O-Licious team up with street fighter Papa Bear to pursue the The Mind Thrivers: evil cultists creating a slew of super villains. Meanwhile, Benjamin discovers Clay’s super-secret… or at least he thinks he has; Reverend Righteous declares a humiliating end to The Homo Heroes; and the shocking identity of the Dude in the Dark is finally revealed.

THE HOMO HEROES are more than just sidekicks. They aim to save the world while showcasing the gay community as strong, brave, and courageous. THE HOMO HEROES represent the LGBTQ+ community as powerful leaders, just like their straight counterparts. The difference is that LGBTQ+ lifestyles, names, origins, and costumes, are integrated into the comic books – including being the target of homophobia. These are real role models for the modern world – exactly what Reverend Righteous (The Homo Heroes’ nemesis) is so desperately afraid of.

THE HOMO HEROES Comic Books 1 – 6 are available on Amazon in paperback and digital downloads; downloads are also available on The Homo Heroes website. Writer and creator, Todd Nunes; Editor, Laurie Lovekraft. For information about characters, merchandise, social media, etc. visit

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