LGBTQ Dark Comedy “Relationship Killers” Launches Indiegogo Campaign

“Relationship Killers: A Love And Hate Story” written by Sir Noah A Waters III,  32nd Degree FreeMason has launched their crowdfunding campaign Indiegogo.

“Relationship Killers” is a character driven and darkly tense short film featuring two characters who live in a world called “Lethal Ladies.”

Relationship Killers is a real mental health term that refers to behaviors and patterns that partners in a relationship that are ignorantly demeaning to the other person and can cause the relationship to end if they are not identified and stopped. That is what this film is about, honest communication and how it positively effects a relationship.

“Relationship Killers” was written and will be directed by Sir Noah A

Waters III, and stars Assia Lau’ren, Lexsy Mckowen, Jerry G. Angelo and E Talley II.

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