LGBT Advocate, Sonali, Expresses Equality In New Music Video “Who We Are”

NYU Musician Releases Five Song EP Wake Up

Multi-instrumentalist and equality activist, Sonali, proves to be knowledgeable, determined and both instrumentally and vocally talented. With the release of her gripping music video for her new single “Who We Are,” as well as her new EP Wake Up, now available on iTunes, Sonali is working hard towards her dream of international success through purposeful music.

Produced by MU2 Productions, “Who We Are” is an emotional video that promotes a compelling message. Sonali explains, “the inspiration for my video came from hearing first hand stories from some of my best friends, and how difficult it was for them to find acceptance due to their sexual orientation, whether it be at home with family, school with friends, or just society in general.” The video, directed by Martin and Oscar Ubilluz, illustrates the touching story of a young man introducing his boyfriend to his parents for the first time. His mother is blatantly unaccepting of his sexuality, which makes him feel forced to turn to drastic measures. Similar to the persona of Sonali, the video focuses on the positives of living a life satisfying to one’s self, instead of hiding behind a mask. “To me it’s appalling that a human would not want to treat another human equally. Love is the most powerful and beautiful thing in life; who are we to deprive someone of that? I want this video to help show the world that love is love, no matter what.” The video can be seen now on YouTube.

Released alongside the new video, Sonali’s sophomore EP, Wake Up was produced by Justin Tracy and Kazumi Shimokawa. “I’ve put in so much time working on this, and I’ve spent a long time thinking about the sound I want to create and the impact I want my music to have.” Wake Up showcases her distinct sound and story-like songwriting ability. The EP’s debut single, “September,” released late last fall, reveals Sonali’s artistic progression with its unique pop-rock sound infused with folk. “Who We Are” showcases her pop roots, in a song about acceptance and learning to tolerate differences amongst everyone, while “Wake Up” takes more of a singer-songwriter approach, embedding a banjo riff alongside melodic harmonies. “When I listen to the music and lyrics on Wake Up, it sounds like such an accurate representation of who I am right now and what I believe, and that’s a great feeling!” The five song EP is now available on iTunes.

Originally from South Florida, Sonali’s aspiration of becoming a performer started in her young years. As early as the age of three, Sonali was attempting to make up her own lyrics before she could write, and humming along to songs before she could sing. Now a multi-instrumentalist, with a keen grasp of the guitar, keyboard, drums, bass, and currently mastering the banjo, she lives out her big city dreams in New York City. With endless support from her family, and a powerful determination to create purposeful music, she attends the prestigious Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU. “Moving to New York has exposed me to a lot of different musical styles, and I was able to draw from my influences and blend this rich diversity into something that finally feels like me.” Sonali is influenced by a diverse spectrum of genres, but her music bears most resemblance to Ed Sheeran and Phillip Phillips. Her talent has been recognized by famous pop icon, Rihanna after a cover of “Diamonds” went viral that Sonali had recorded with NYU schoolmates. Sonali had the opportunity of meeting the singer at one of her concerts where she personally admired and congratulated them on their work.

The pro-LGBT artist is not only on a mission to spread a message of acceptance and equality through her music and videos, but also keeps active in community service. 100% of the iTunes sales from her EP, Speechless are donated to SmileTrain, an organization committed to providing free cleft surgery to poor children in developing countries. She continues to move towards her dreams while helping others along the way, whether it is through her music or charity involvement. Sonali isn’t the only one excited about her next step, as her fans are eager to see what she has in store next. Be sure to check out “Who We Are” on her YouTube channel and download her new EP, Wake Up on iTunes. Keep up with Sonali by visiting

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