Let’s Talk Fall TV

Must Watch

Modern Family, The Good Place, Supernatural, HTGAWM, and Arrow will all start their final seasons and it’s about time… #iSaidWhatiSaid

Now, let’s be clear, all the shows named above are awesome, however, when your time is up IT IS UP! The Good Place lost my attention after Season 2. It got to a point I couldn’t balance the storylines along with staying is the good place itself. It got dry to me,

How To Get Away With Murder! Chileeeeeeee! At this point, how many murders we gonna commit and get away with. Seasons 1 & 2 had me hoked, by Season 3 I was a little tired of the elongated story, and by this point it has died. I will admit, I am excited to see how the end the series. Are we thinking cliff hanger?

Walmart, I mean Superstore is one of my favorites that needs to come to an end as well. I know the last season was hard to watch. I think it took me about 6 tries per episode. LoL! I could not hold on at all. However, in all honesty for the type of show that it is, it has had an amazing run and it’s best to walk away on a high note then lose the base. We will see how this plays out.

What are some of your Must See shows that you are anticipating?

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