Let’s go inside “Newlyweds”

It was the “If you make a plate I’ll eat it later” for me…. Babeeeeeeee, this series gets right into it from the beginning. We know that everything that glitters isn’t gold, however, what if your spouse actually said to you, “Maybe I chose wrong!” What would you do? Let me give you the backstory, Imagine it’s your wedding day. You’ve been told, that this is going to be one of the happiest days of your life. But it is ruined as your ex tries to stop you from getting married. This is the story of Vanessa and Jacob as they try to overcome, the worst start to their marriage.

Let’s go inside Jacob’s world for a moment.. Jacob is filled with regret about marrying Vanessa. Vanessa senses this and begins to overcompensate everything she does to be the perfect wife, which leads to disastrous results. To try and save their marriage, they attend marriage counselling which only makes things worse as they begin to realize they might not be as compatible as they thought they were. Will these soul mates find their way back to each other?

Set in London, Newlyweds is about a couple who rushed into marriage without knowing each other, or dealt with any issues within their relationship.

Emotional, raw, and rooted in character development. This is an open and honest conversation about relationships. Providing a unique London-based short story that explores different cultures, class, mental health, and societal pressures that relate to British Millennials today. However, this is def one that crosses the waters and is relatable for us in the USA as well.

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