Lesbians Arrested for Kissing. Children Slammed by School PoPo… Sound Off

It’s time to talk. I know the world is krazyyyyyyyyyyyy but something has to give. When Lesbians can’t kiss because they are Lesbians does that not SCREAM Prejudice????

Cop Reportedly Saw Them Being Affectionate And Sprung Into Action
Courtney Wilson, 25 and Taylor Guererro, 21, were vacationing in Hawaii earlier this year when a police officer arrested them for kissing in a grocery store. The Los Angeles natives filed a federal lawsuit on Tuesday claiming that Officer Bobby Harrison confronted and arrested them back on March 3 when he saw them walking through Foodland hugging and kissing, and, according to the lawsuit, ordered the couple to “take it somewhere else.” When Harrison observed them being affectionate again, he threatened to have them tossed from the store, then allegedly grabbed Wilson’s arm when she tried to call 911 on him. The suit claims both were tossed to the ground and Wilson was punched in the face, then both women were allegedly held down and zip tied. Both were arrested and charged with felony assault of an officer and ended up sleeping in a public park during the six months it took to resolve the case; the charges were later dropped. The Honolulu Police Department opened an investigation into the incident on Wednesday.

With reference to this story, this one had me in tears. Since when could school police use excessive force for no reason? I am appalled at his actions and for his attorney to speak the word justified…. Chileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, this can’t be life.

School Resource Officer Ben Fields Defends His Actions Shortly after Fields was fired on Wednesday for dragging a student across the floor at Spring Valley High School on Monday, an attorney for Fields released a statement about the incident. The statement says, in part: “We believe that Mr. Fields’ actions were justified and lawful throughout the circumstances of which he was confronted during this incident. To that extent, we believe that Mr. Fields’ actions were carried out professionally and at that he was performing his job duties within the legal threshold.” Attorney Scott J. Hayes said Fields will not comment on the particulars now due to the civil rights investigation into the case.    

Sound Off…….. What are your thoughts?

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