Lens Break Volume: 1

Have you ever just needed a break from what was going on around you? Just needed something to take you away from the ordinary and allow your brain the chance to go somewhere it hasn’t been ever or in a while? I do!

I have teamed up with Chicago based Photographer Mike Jue to bring us “Lens Break!” Lens Break is a few chosen pictures that tell a story all by themselves. No words needed. Just take a moment to escape reality and get lost in the visual.

Lens Break Volume: 1

About Mike Jue:

Starting his photography career in 2013 out of the front room of his condo on the South Side of Chicago, Mike Jue has been making his way throughout the industry and letting his brand speak for itself.

Worked with 100’s of clients, primarily in the entertainment industry affords Mike Jue the opportunity to be expressive while setting and capturing trends. HMike Jue has a passion for helping people achieve their dreams and goals and using photography as a resource for expression.

Having a corporate background, he understands the power of good imagery and how it can help elevate a brand, person, and/or identity. As Mike Jue has evolved his photography career, he’s found a new inspiration through the art of world-renowned photographer Fan Ho. This type of photography is vastly different from his portrait work and offers a new challenge, telling a story through the simplicity of high contrast.

Follow his journey:



Mike Jue

Mike Jue

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