Legendary DJ Screw Visual Tribute to Release Nov. 16th in Honor of His 20 Year Memorial

DJ Screw

Early 2020, a teaser surfaced on the internet of what appeared to be a biopic of some sort about the late Houston icon, DJ Screw.

Since then, there have been various rumors about what platform or network the project will live on. The director & writer, Isaac “Chill” Yowman, later clarified the speculations regarding the project.

“People get so entangled in titles. From inception, this project was never meant to roll out the traditional way, or satisfy status quo. We’re in a pivotal time where having IP ownership is vital. At IYO, that’s what we represent, and it was extremely important for both myself and Screw’s family to have creative freedom.” says Yowman.

November 16th, 2020 marks 20 years since the untimely death of DJ Screw. Yowman, and his IYO team are scheduled to premiere an exclusive digital release of what they are calling the Visual Tribute. The actual piece is a mixed media project including narrative depictions, unscripted elements, and animation by Jumbla Studios

The tribute itself will be free to watch. However, the point of entry will be exclusive to “SCREW BOX” holders, a limited edition collectors capsule available on www.allscrewedup.com.

Lead actors include Rosha Washington, Lashae Boone McCray, Kyle-Anthony Mosley, Paigion Walker, Marqus Clae, Phill Wade, and Dean Will. Writer Shannan E. Johnson lends ink to all of the scripted pieces, and Miriam Heads shines in her Producer role debut. 

DJ Screw’s sister Michelle Wheeler and brother Charles Davis have worked alongside Isaac as Associate Producers to make sure things were representative of their brother. Lil’ Keke of the original Screwed Up Click and Derrick “D-Reck” Dixon, (Owner of Wreckshop Records) are also listed as Consulting Producers. Screw’s fiancée, Nikki Williams, also portrayed, has lent a great deal of support. These co-signs have given fans confidence that this visual will be worth the wait.

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