Latinx Rapper Explores Queer Lust in New Single “He Would”

Tapping into raw and authentic desires, Latinx rapper Chris Gabo switches things up with his new release “He Would”, now available on all streaming platforms. Written during a past relationship, “He Would” dances around the idea of being with someone else; an idea that is fueled by pure fantasy. The new track is bound to relate to many listeners as Chris delivers a transparent sense of longing for someone else while still in a committed relationship. His lustful exploration threatened his former relationship and now, Chris is ready to deliver his story to the world through creative inspiration.

“He Would” is Chris’s third single in a string of releases that grapple with the complexities of identity. Chris explores juxtapositions relating to who we truly are and what we let people see. He also touches on the feelings of being misunderstood and how identity plays a role in that. His prolific writing abilities prove to be a perfect fit for Hip Hop’s strong storytelling and lyricism. “He Would” releases ahead of Gabo’s sophomore mixtape, scheduled to drop later this year.

Watch the official music video for “He Would” on YouTube here.