Kyla Pratt Guest Stars on “In The Cut”

In The Cut

I am so ready for tonight’s episode of “In The Cut.” You know I love me some Kyla Pratt!

Cheryl accidentally leaves her engagement ring on Jay’s kitchen counter but thinks she lost it. Jay finds it but decides to let Cheryl sweat it out after she lies about losing it. After Cheryl stresses for a few days, she finally tells Jay at which point he returns the ring. Jay chalks it up as a joke, but Cheryl doesn’t find it funny and storms out. Later on, Jay goes to apologize to Cheryl who plays a prank on him, and they call it even. Kenny needs some work done in his apartment, but the landlord sends his visiting daughter, Shantay, in to do the job. Shantay ends up liking Kenny and hits on him. She returns a day later and catches Kenny coming out of the shower. When Shantay attempts to get physical, Angelique walks in and gets the wrong idea. Later, Shantay pops up again when Angelique is there, and Kenny tells her that he loves Angelique. Shantay agrees to back off…temporarily.


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In The Cut


Coming off its highly-rated third season, In The Cut stars Dorien Wilson (The Parkers, Dream On) as Jay Weaver, an accomplished entrepreneur and barbershop owner who is kept on his toes by Cheryl, played by Kellita Smith (The Bernie Mac Show, The First Family), the co-owner of the beauty salon next door and his love interest-turned-fiancee. Ken Lawson (The Parkers) returns as Jay’s thirty-something illegitimate son from a short-lived fling now in on the family business, as does John Marshall Jones (The Smart Guy) as fellow barber and pal Smitty. Among this season’s storylines: Marriage planning, pressures of single life, love triangles, hilarious barbershop/beauty shop camaraderie and much more. Guest stars will include Dorion Renaud, Michael Jai White, Kyla Pratt, Emmanuel Hudson, Angie Stone, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Vanessa Simmons, Flex Alexander, Milan Christopher and more.

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