Kayne the LoveChild releases music video for his first Single “WE OUTSIDE” Out Now

The winter is rapidly approaching as the cold front begins to consume the streets, it takes a true powerhouse to keep us warm. Rising trailblazer, Kayne the LoveChild has cracked the code to warmth with his newest single and music video, “We Outside”! Kayne’s up-beat anthem is a bold reminder that the beauty of existing is being authentically yourself. His visual that accompanies this catchy new single is a true testament to his view on life. The video begins showcasing a fun night out which leads to the inevitable morning after. Kayne wakes up fully unbothered and ready to keep the energy going as the first verse rumbles against a classic fashion montage. As he rummages through his closet, he settles into a flashy look embellished with blue jewels, a denim jacket with his name on the back and the Telfar bag to match, of course! He leads us into a day in the life of Kayne, waking up his friends to jump into a car for a day of fun and debauchery.

“We Outside”is a nostalgic masterpiece that reminds us Summer is only a heartbeat away. The charismatic attitude of Kayne keeps the pulse of not just the video but the song overall alive and thriving. “We Outside”, is the ideal introduction of Kayne’s artistry. He effortlessly merges his talents of rapping and singing to form a smooth flow that rides the beat perfectly to the end. He is an undeniable talent and continues to stride his way to stardom because in his own words, Kayne the LoveChild is truly outside!


Fearless. Authentic. Revolutionary. It was James Baldwin that said, “Artists are here to disturb the peace.” Enter singer-rapper-songwriter Kayne the LoveChild. He embodies that defying spirit, pressing against the industry status quo and altering the landscape of modern music by being himself. From the way he creates and delivers his audible art, to the unapologetic way he identifies as a gay, black man,

KTLC is not just an entertainer, he is an experience.

The Bronx, NY native was born into music. His dad was a percussionist and his mom, a choir singer. The soundtrack to his childhood was an eclectic mix of classic and hard rock (Led Zeppelin, AC/DC), pop (Hall & Oates) and neo-soul (Lauryn Hill). He embraced them all but his roots remained firmly planted in soul and rhythm & blues. Growing up, KTLC also gravitated towards art and film. He was fascinated by

the combination of different materials used in mixed media artwork, as well as the escapism aspect of Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino movies. KTLC possesses a divinely gifted voice so rich in emotional rawness and vulnerability, it is an instrument within itself. His captivating sound, a masterful blend of genres that include soul, r&b and hip-hop, enchants every audience who hears it.

KTLC reached a career breaking point when he felt creatively defeated. On the verge of taking a 9-to-5, he accepted an opportunity to travel to Atlanta and ghostwrite for an emerging rapper. Due to his dynamic pen game, KTLC was offered a publishing deal by music executive Ray Daniels of RAYDAR Entertainment; however a few days later, while attending a music showcase, KTLC’s musicality was put to the test by Daniels. His presence was being demanded for an impromptu performance. In regal flair, he sat criss-crossed center stage and engulfed the audience with emotional riffs and elegant harmonies. While the crowd was still quiet, in awe of the magic they had just witnessed, felt and heard, Daniels instantly added KTLC to his roster.

An advocate for diversity, inclusion and love, Kayne the LoveChild is becoming an indomitable creative force putting listeners in touch with their own feelings. “I’m not here to fit into anyone’s box. There’s so much beauty in being yourself; everybody is different and special. When we realize and accept that, we can be better people, for ourselves, others and humankind as a whole.”


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