K.c. LaSaga Delivers “Dragum”

Author K.c. LaSaga has published “Dragum,” which follows naïve Kali Colombe, who craves to venture out into the world. Instead, she falls into a risqué relationship with another woman and loses sight of her travel plans. Kali’s grandfather gifted her with his Dragum power, which gives her special intuition toward various journeys that could influence her future life paths. Despite this power, she finds herself falling into a depression as she is lost between finding her own identity and conforming to the mold her parents have created for her.

Throughout the book, LaSaga highlights that self-realization involves allowing time for personal healing and growth, and that admitting to not being okay is the first step to moving forward and overcoming struggles with mental health. She encourages absorbing the human experience and exerting kindness into the world in order to help themselves and everyone around them.

“There are so many people talking about mental health today,” said LaSaga. “The conversation is more open than ever, but people still tend to suppress it. In lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a lot more people spending time alone, which can lead to emotional struggles. I hope to normalize emotion and the conversation surrounding it.”

Through the compelling and relatable story of a young girl trying to discover herself while feeling lost and facing struggles with her mental health, “Dragum” will provide the reader with a newfound sense of self. LaSaga emphasizes the factors that can cause and resolve these issues and hopes to break the stigma on mental health through her writing.

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