JustFor.fans is Giving Props Where Props are Due!

JustFor.fans Recognizes its Top 15 Cis / Trans Male Performers of 2020

JustFor.fans (JFF), a leading subscription-based content sharing platform for models, has released its Top 15 list of the site’s most popular and influential cis and trans males over the past year.

The Top 15 Cis Male Performers of 2020 are:

1) phatrabbitkill2                                      9) deepfillernyc
2) RhyheimShabazz                                10) LBadderz
3) griffinbarrowsx                                   11) RafaelMovies
4) MaxKonnorXXX                                12) The_Sharok
5) GabrielCrossXXX                               13) HungerFF
6) RopeTrainKeep                                   14) johnthomasxxx
7) CadeMaddoxxx                                   15) RoccoSteeleNYC
8) RealMenFullBush

The Top 15 Trans Male Performers of 2020 are:

1) TripleXTransMan                               9) PuppoMax
2) AriKoyoteFTM                                 10) TommyTannerFTM
3) BillyVegaXXX                                  11) XXXZakTransman
4) StevieTrixx                                        12) Logan_Knight69
5) IzzyAkino                                          13) Jamal_Phoenix
6) sheabuttertrans                                  14) connoratlasXXX
7) leomercury                                        15) cobalt_ftm
8) kinxstonfoxxx

“We are the first porn site to not only acknowledge, but celebrate cis, trans and non-binary performers – which we are doing with this Top 15 list of JFF favorites,” said JustFor.fans founder Dominic Ford. “We’d like to share our appreciation so new JFF members can discover them and share their appreciation too!

“We believe that trans men are men and trans women are women. That’s why our Male and Female lists show both trans and cis lists under their categories. We are also mandating that anyone who carries our lists of any gender include both cis and trans lists of that gender.”

To learn more, visit justfor.fans and follow on Twitter at @JustForFansSite.

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