Joanna Katcher and Mo Welch are opening the space to ‘Come Out, Come Out’

Come Out, Come Out is a podcast where hosts Joanna Katcher and Mo Welch chat with queer people from all walks of life about their experiences coming out. Katcher and Welch effortlessly guide their guests through the guest’s queer journey, while also seamlessly weaving in queer culture. This season’s guests will include Tegan Quin of Tegan and Sara, Mae Martin of Feel Good, and Melanie Field from A League of Their Own (Amazon). New episodes will be released weekly.

Meet The Host:

Mo Welch is a stand up comedian and artist. Her stand-up has been featured twice on CONAN as well as Comedy Central. She’s the author of the illustrated self-help guide How to Die Alone: The Foolproof Guide to Not Helping Yourself. Her comics have been published in The New Yorker, and her live show Mole, a merge of Mo’s animated illustrations with live stand-up comedy was part of Cherry Lane Theatre’s A Summer of Comedy presented in part by actor and trans icon Elliot Page.

Joanna Katcher is a Los Angeles based film composer and music producer.  Her scores can be heard on various award-winning films and shows, including Emmy-winner Garbage Time with Katie Nolan.  She is also the founder and creative director of Nice Manners, a boutique audio post-production house in LA. Joanna co-hosts a stand-up show in Los Angeles called Hot Goss and continues to produce music under her moniker, Charm School.

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