JD Lawrence Delivers “Sister Scrooge”

While this special time of the year is known for Santa Claus checking his list twice for who’s been naughty or nice, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and Jack Frost nipping at your nose, nothing gets you in the holiday spirit quicker than a funny or great Christmas movie.  Therefore, get ready to queue up the drama and laughs in the new holiday Dramedy-Thriller “JD Lawrence’s Sister Scrooge” by multi-award-winning producer, writer, director, creator, and actor JD Lawrence.  Many in the entertainment industry consider Lawrence “The King of Dramedy” with a proven track record of successful national stage productions and various television shows on major networks such as Bravo, Aspire, BET, etc.  So, there is national excitement at the announcing of his first-holiday film JD Lawrence’s Sister Scrooge.  The film features a cold-hearted character played by actress Nessa Noel.  She despises Christmas and has no time for sentimentality.  As you can imagine, this Scrooge-Etta has similarities to many previous versions of the Ebenezer Scrooge fairy tale.  Yet, in this 2021 updated version, JD Lawrence’s Sister Scrooge doesn’t take rejection well at all, and yes, she’s very naughty and not so nice. The entire film was captured on an iPhone-13 Pro Max (Cinematic Mode) and edited on the new Mac Book Pro (Apple M1 Max chip).

JD Lawrence’s Sister Scrooge’s impressive ensemble combines veteran actors Tony Davis (Manifest, Godfather of Harlem, and Raising Kanan Power Book III), Nessa Noel (BETher/MakeupXBreakup), and actors from JD Lawrence’s Acting & Improv Workshop on Clubhouse.  You won’t find Lawrence in his production for the first time. In JD Lawrence’s Sister Scrooge, he takes the time to concentrate on directing and producing while still managing to push the audience’s buttons to deliver his signature style of Dramedy.  Enjoy the belly of laughs, unapologetic jaw-dropping one-liners, along with unimaginable twists and turns.

JD Lawrence’s Sister Scrooge will premier December 24, 2021, at midnight (eastern), streaming on SisterScroogeTheMovie.Com.

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