It’s the Return of Tight Season

The time for returning to the office is here and that means ditching our now worn-in sweatpants for the office-appropriate attire that has been hiding in the backs of our closets, including, yes, our dreaded tights. For the record, I love me a good pair of tights.

While most women (rightfully so) cringe at the thought of wearing tights again, allow us to introduce you to a NEW, game-changing brand of tights that hugs and lifts without constricting – Threads, a direct-to-consumer subscription-optional lingerie line that creates comfortable, high-quality hosiery at drug store prices, designed for real women, by real women.

Investment banker turned designer, Xenia Chen, interviewed 200 women when creating the brand to ensure no detail or practical feature was overlooked. The result is a durable tight that has a longer leg, double-reinforced toe, and shaping qualities that smooth and streamline without flattening the bum, making it the perfect tight for in and out of the office!

Threads tights are the epitome of affordable luxury. Designed for freedom of movement, they offer wearers the same high-performance stretch and breathability as upscale brands without the sticker shock.  Some popular styles include:

Sheer: 20 denier tights. Its nude shares are tone-matching, meaning they’re designed to look like you are not wearing anything on your legs. Perfect for concealing bruises and other imperfections, or for days when you just don’t feel like shaving your legs. Great with those colder-weather outfits that simply look better with “bare” legs. Ideal for a spring and summer wardrobe too.  81% Polyamide/19% Elastane. Has a reinforced toe and is built to last. Available in five hues and Retails at $24.00.

Opaque: 60 denier tights. Comfortable and functional, with its Threads contoured waistband. Wear them with your favorite dress or skirt, or underpants as an extra layer for warmth. 85% Polyamide/15% Elastane. $30.00

Threads’ Invisible Reusable Nipple Stickies are available in 4 inclusive shades. They have a beautiful matte finish and seamless tapered edges that contour to the body’s natural curves. Made from hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone, they are sweat-proof, waterproof, and reusable up to 30 times with proper care. $23.00.
Backseam: Customers asked for a spicy spin on classic, black sheer tights so Threads took it one step further. Unlike most back seam tights on the market, Threads created their Backseam Tights with both style and function in mind. Rather than stopping right below the thigh, Threads designed their knitted back seam to extend from the heel, all the way up to the waist, creating an elongated look: perfect for those wearing a shorter bottom or a high slit, and versatile enough to wear from day to night, all without compromising comfort for style. $20.00.

Subscription Plan:  Pick as many pairs and styles as you want a month. Feel free to change the style, cancel or skip at any time. Starting at $17.00.

Sustainably minded and ethically sourced, Threads’ supply chain is OEKO-TEX certified. For more information please visit,

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